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Monitor network connection

Is there a tool that I can put on each of the 3 computers we have here at work to monitor the connection to the Internet and/or router?  I'm having issues and I'm trying to pin it down to a cord, computer, router or cable modem.

I don't need anything fancy, I envision a daily graph showing when the computer could connect to the internet and when it couldn't.

Any Ideas?
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use this free version software
Wireshark will also work.
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So one of the computers is definatley losing connection many times an hour.  Would you start with testing the cords?
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I ended up using this:

The computer in question had 1300 disconnects in a 24 hour period.  I have an electronic thing that checks cords and the cord is fine.  I switched to wireless and I have no disconnects.

I don't want to go wireless(for various reasons), so now I'm suspecting the Ethernet port.  Am I going about this right and if so, what next?
Did you swap cables?  Both at the patch panel/switch and from the wall to the pc?

Also try another switch port.  These are quick things to test.  You can also purchase a new NIC.  Depending on the age of the computer the card will be pci or pci express.
I ended up having less errors when I went wireless on all the machines.  Doesn't make much sense.
faulty cable or switch, what's the result after replacing them?
I don't know what to do with this thread.  I've now switched back to wired and have only had 1 error in 4 days.
Are you running DNS and DHCH services?  Check to make sure there are no conflicts, where more than one machine has the the same host name or address.