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aesus tablet

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I have a problem with my aesus tablet : when I try to select text (in my Gmail account) the small window that zoom on the selected text freeze, and I have to quit the window without being able to copy the text I wanted.
Any suggestions?
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i am sorry to tell you that if you have the latest update of your operating system then i do not think that there are much you or us we can do about it.

what is the operating system and what version?


Thanks for the answer.
I'm not sure where to look to give you the info
Could you give me a hint
hi OP

that is not a problem, do you know what if it is the model of the tablet? what it says on the box you bought it or on the device itself


The tablet is a Tf700t
The sysytem android 4.1.1
first of all you have one awesome piece of kit,
secondly go this addres http://www.asus.com/Tablet/ASUS_Transformer_Pad/ASUS_Transformer_Pad_Infinity_TF700T/#download

on the drop down list that says OS choose android then go to firmware and choose the correct update to see if it is going to resolve the issue.

i hope that helps


Thanks for the info.
Even from there though, I'm not sure what to do , it seams like you can make a wrong choices with big consequences...
I can help you from here on, you will need to choose which one is the correct one for you