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We have a Dlink router connected to our lan. Question if we have a WatchGuard firewall on our local network. Do I need to keep the firewall on the dlink too? Or is that over kill?
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In most cases, the Watchguard firewall will also do the routing, so you really don;t need the Dlink router.
Expert above is correct, if you have Watchguard that will probably do everything and more that the Dlink can.
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Agreed. Watchguard firewalls will more than suffice based on what you've mentioned. Only if you're trying to accomplish certain things would it potentially create a debate.
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Yes, I understand about the routing aspect but I still need the wireless portion. So, then if I disable the firewall on the dlink router we will still be secure right... by the watchguard firewall?
Yes, if you are tryinh to use the wireless portion of the Dlink tied into the Watchguard, that should work. If you try using VPN or other connection technologies it may cause a problem with two routers. Staying basic should work though.
Make sure you activate wireless security on the Dlink.

Yes you should, just make sure the Dlink doesn't hand out IP's, and your Watchguard LAN IP is your gateway on whatever DHCP server you have.
Here's a way to do what you want.
Did we anser your questions?


Yes, makes sense but when I try to put the Dlink on the same network so  they can access the server-it says you cannot put it on the same subnet?
It sounds like you are trying to install the dlink router with a service that is already running on the Watchguard. Log into the Dlink first, out a static IP on it and setup the TCP/IP info, turn off DCHP and then connect ot to your firewall. Depending on the model Watchgusrd and firmware you have, you might need to upgrade the firmware and adjust it's settings.

Same with the Dlink.
Ah!  The paper I provided you needs a bit of improvement.  I had just assumed.......

The wireless router has to have an IP address on the LAN side that is *different* from the LAN IP address of anything else, including the modem/router.  Still on the same subnet but different.
So, the modem / router may have
and the wireless router may have

And .. it does say that DHCP on the wireless router needs to be NOT ENABLED i.e. DISABLED or OFF.
Ok, so if you make those changes, is it resolved now?
Didn't do it yet-offsite right now


This is a mistake, I need to award points to the experts


Ok Guys Looks good!

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