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on error resume next

I put in this code to catch a 500  error. I want the page to continue running and not move the user to a different page.
with the code, if the connection works fine, the page loads and the information is inserted into the database.
If the connection doesn't work, the page keeps running in a circle and causes a timeout.
What did I put wrong?
 connectionComplete = "false"
On Error Resume Next
 If err.Number = 0 Then

 if myConn.State = 1 then

  On Error Goto 0

Set press_cmd = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Command")
press_cmd.ActiveConnection = myConn
press_cmd.CommandText = "SELECT    * FROM         dbo.k4kPressRelease  ORDER BY date DESC"
press_cmd.Prepared = true
On Error Resume Next
If err.Number = 0 Then

Set press = press_cmd.Execute
connectionComplete = "true"

press_numRows = 0
end if
end if 
connectionComplete = "false"
 ' Error trapping - connection failed
end if


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I doubt your "if 'myConn.State' = 1 then" fails and the error, makes run the Goto command to line 0 again and again!!
            On Error Goto 0
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