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Find and move rows

I need help with a macro that can check sheet 1 which has content as this

Column A has this

Sheet 2 has many columns of data and many rows

Need to search full content and move the complete row if found as column A of sheet 1 to sheet 3

Whole row should be copied or cut either ways is fine with me
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FYI:  The image links don't seem work - at least not for me.

I get redirected here:

Maybe it's just a temporary issue?
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It would be better if you upload the files on experts-exchange.

Better still if you can upload an excel file (possibly fictitious) so that direct testing could be done instead of rebuilding the data.
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The links are dummy that i placed

These URl's 100's will be in sheet1 column A

Find each in sheet 2 and copy full row to sheet 3
Any help with this please?
Please throw in a sample file to work on.
Please find attached sample file
Here you go

Sub getfoundurls()
    Dim cel As Range, fs2 As Range
    For Each cel In Sheet1.UsedRange.Columns(1).Cells
        Set fs2 = Sheet2.UsedRange.Find(cel, , , xlWhole)
        If Not fs2 Is Nothing Then
            fs2.EntireRow.Copy Sheet3.Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeLastCell).Offset(1).EntireRow
        End If
    Next cel
End Sub

Anyway i can color sheet 1 cells whose content is not found in sheet 2 and was skipped
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Saqib Husain
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