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collate Latin1_General_CI_AI - select distinct from MSSQL Table


Is there a way to select 'distinct' region names with foreign characters please?  I am looking to create a list of regions and am trying to avoid getting duplicates if they are wrongly typed in, or if they have foreign characters, for example, one user might have added a property in the 'Cote d'Azur' and another may have added a property in 'Cóte d'Azur' - with an accent on the 'o', but Idon't want to list *both* regions in my list as they are essentially the same region...

Thanks in advance for your help!
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to cover "all" typos, you need to have a table that does cover the typos, and gives the correct alternative, and you return that value.
this however also means that you need to "catch" and handle all the values that are NOT yet in that table on a daily basis.
there is not "magic" solution for this; though you migth check out SOUNDEX() function to see if it would help
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