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Add a second domain to Excahnge 2003?

Hello - we have acquired another company, and wish to add their company's mail domain to our own Exchange server, and keep both domains separate, such that the Company B users still send/receive email from their old domain over our Excahnge system.  Is this possible? We are running Exchange 2003 on a Windows 2003 server, and have DNS provided through AT&T.  Thank you
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Add the domains in the system manager under deafult recipient policy
email addresses

When adding the newco users in active directory take the tickbox off
"automatically update email addresses based on recipient policy"
on the email addresses tab and

Select the primary address for the user you have added
and click the set as primary button

This might explain it a liitle better
Sorry The article seems to have no sound

These links will probably explain it better
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awesome - thanks and I'll look these over.  standby.

Ok - I think I'm ok so far (without testing email to the new users yet since MX record has not been changed yet for the new domain), and I've got my users added with the new domain as their primary set.  One thing I didn't expect was that the consultant who set our email policy up 5 years ago added another policy named after our company and set it's priority to be higher than the default policy.  So - what i did was at the new domain to BOTH policies.  Is that ok?

Hi it depends on which group of users he applied the policy to

If all users it should not be a problem (in which case it was probably not required because the default policy is modifiable anyway )

If a selected group make sure it does not apply settings that you are trying to achieve

Remember you can exempt individual users by removing the tick box on the email tab in active directory

Approximately how many users are involved
There are about 10 users from the new company that I've added.  total number of email users for the entire organization now is about 80.
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it's working good now.  thanks for yourt help./
Great - pleased to have assisted