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Adding or removing a snap-in in MMC 3.0

I wish to use the Event Viewer in the Management Console. However, I get a message that says "MMC could not create the snap-in. The snap-in might not have been installed correctly."

In the MMC Help file it says "On the File menu of an open MMC 3.0 console, click Add/Remove Snap-in." I don't really understand whether I have an "open MMC 3.0 console" or not. I am in the Computer Management window and in every item that I click on the File menu, I get only two items - Options (which leads to Disk cleanup) and Exit.
If I can get this right, I reckon that I can follow the rest of the Help. Following is a copy of the instructions from the Help file that I am trying to follow:-
      "To add or remove a snap-in

1. On the File menu of an open MMC 3.0 console, click Add/Remove Snap-in.

2. Highlight the snap-in you want to add in the Available snap-ins list, and click Add to add the snap-in to the Selected snap-ins list.

3. Read a brief description of a snap-in in either list by clicking it and then reading the contents of the Description box at the bottom of the dialog box. Some snap-ins might not provide a description.

4. Change the order of snap-ins in the snap-in console by clicking a snap-in in the Selected snap-ins list and then clicking Move Up or Move Down.

5. If you want to add the new snap-in to a node of the open console other than Console Root, see the next procedure, "To set the parent node for a snap-in."

6. Remove a snap-in by clicking it in the Selected snap-ins list and then clicking Remove.

7. When you are finished adding or removing snap-ins, click OK."

I am using Win7 Ultimate.

Hoping someone can help!???
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Chris Millard
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Hold the Windows key and press R (or click Start -> Run if you have it enabled). In the dialog box that appears, type:-


in the "Open" field, then click on OK. If you get the User Account Control Prompt, select Yes - that is then a blank MMC open, and you can follow your instructions from there.
I bet its trying to save the mmc setup on the c: drive thats locked down in windows 7 try a different partition instead of c:
check your event viewer see what occurred then post results
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trgrassijr55  -  I have no ebent viewer to check. That's what this Question is all about!

 roybridge - On selecting Event Viewer from the list supplied, I got a message saying that event viewer couldn't be initialized.

 IanTh - don't know how to do this!

Thanks so far. Appreciate it!
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roybridge - Thanks but no joy there. I read the whole thread (long it was to) and tried several things even tho' most people posting had their problems on VISTA machines. Didn't work for my Win7 machine.
Trying some ideas showed me that I didn't have appropriate "permissions". I have fiddled there in the past; maybe I should make a separate Question about that.
OK, thanks again anyway, roybridge!
If you click on start then type in search box "EVENT" does  it show up?

If it does try to run it and tell me what happens
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Two items pop up under the heading of Control Panels - they are "View event logs" and "View location activity".
When I click on these I get the same message as before - "MMC could not create the snap-in.
Is this windows 7?
What antivirus you have
Can you try this on safe mode?

try this

1.Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator.
2.Click Continue or supply Administrator credentials if prompted.
3.In the Command Prompt window type the following, and press Enter:
 sfc /scannow

Also try run msconfig under service hide all microsoft services then disable the rest
under startup disable all

restart computer see if it works

something is conflicting.
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Yes, still Win7 as stated originally.
I've been running AVG Free for years but about 10 days ago I took advantage of their 30 day free trial of the paid for version. I've founf that paid-for version plays around with the firewalls - eg, if I don't want to use the AVG firewall, I turn it off. But then Windows Firewall goes off also & I get Action Centre alerts.
Anyway, the Free ver is being installed as I write, so will try ur suggestions when it's finished.
Thanks again.
I use Microsoft Security Essentials it is free and works well also.

I shy away from third party programs like that especially if they are not Kaspersky Norton or Mcafee.

Let me know
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I did the two things while in Safe Mode                             ;-
 sfc /scannow No problems with verifications were found, it said.

 msconfig did all the disablings & then re-started.

Same problem - MMC snap-in could not be initialised.

 trgrassijr55 - I'm going to hit the hay now, midnight here in Thailand. I'll be very pleased to try anything else you think of tomorrow.
Thanks heaps so far.
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I'm thinking of a a New (clean) install, have been even before your suggestion. I realize it's a bit of a sledgehammer approach, but there are a few things I'm not happy with over the last few weeks, not just the MMC problem. Plus I don't like Repair installs, even tho' they'd be a lot quicker.
So, if I'm off-line for a while, rest assured that I will inform of the results of the Clean install before I re-install all my programs.
Bye for now!