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Windows File Search Indexer for FreeNAS/FreeBSD?

We have a Windows file server right now that has Word, Excel, and PDF documents saved on it.

We have the Windows indexer indexing all the Word and Excel files. Adobe iFilter is indexing the PDFs.

From any file dialog window on any Windows desktop, we can start typing the contents of any file saved on that server and in less than 5 seconds, it'll display a list of the files that contain that search term.

For instance, we type "RAM 12.86" and we can find a receipt for a stick of RAM we bought for $12.86. WE LOVE THIS!

We are kicking around the idea of upgrading this server to a much larger FreeNAS system, and are wondering if something like this is available for FreeBSD or FreeNAS? Would it be possible to install a linux equivalent to Windows Indexer/Search and Adobe iFilter and still be able to search from within the Windows file dialog boxes from within Windows 7 and Windows 8?

Thank you!
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Massive content management systems (opencms, alfresco) does that.
Tracker is a freebie and also works well under LINUX
Sadly asker wants ui running on Windows 95...
DTSearch is a back-end, you can use a web browser under any O/S as the front end  (but DTSearch is not free).
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I want the search feature to integrate with windows search. This is only a file server serving up a samba share.
So add a windows search index on that drive...
Hotfix for Win7 to allow that
I want any windows 7 computer to be able to search it, not just ones who have manually set a windows search index.
This runs independently of windows search.  It neither integrates with win search nor requires it.
Use group policy and add search paths....
BTW windows search usually omits network shares from searching too...
Sharepoint plugin on client allows searching again and then some patch kills it back to normal

More info on extending all microsoft search technologies for normal files here:
But windows search isn't an option for the author.  Read the question, he/she is running UNIX.
He needs to add network paths to windows search after applying hotfix.
Windows 7 considers network paths slow otherwise and does not index.
Having sharepoint (service/server etc) would transparently install drivers which poke searcher on the server instead of local index (this is obviously not a option with Samba).
I can search the drive using windows search just fine, but I want to be able to search for a PDF based on its contents, which I can do when I have it on a windows server, but can not do when it's on my Samba share. This works using a Windows Search Plugin, is there an alternative way to do this with a plugin in linux, and integration with Windows?
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"windows search plugin" is called IFilter. if you have PDF ifilter installed it seearches PDF files....