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msiexec.exe 100% CPU usage

I have a Terminal Server, and for about a couple weeks now msiexec.exe is at 100% percent when people are remoted into the server. I also have this coming up in event viewer

Product: 32 Bit HP CIO Components Installer -- Configuration completed successfully.

It comes up over and over. I know it is an HP driver, but I dont have it installed locally. i know RDP brings the printers locally, but no software installed.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Carl Webster
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That is a well known issue.  I answered this exact question almost 2 years ago on EE with the solution and unfortunately HP has removed the entire forum posting, with the solution, from their web site!  Also unfortunatey, I did not keep a copy of the solution.
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Thanks pc_solutions, I noticed it as well. It was one computer that causing the problem, and soon as they disconnect; the server goes back to normal. I don't know which computer yet, I have to monitor it and see when it happens. I am going to leave the question open, so I can post anything else that may come up. I will let you know what happens.
Okay, sounds like a plan!  Let us know how exactly it gets fixed for future people with the same issue. :)
pc_solutions, I noticed in the 2nd link you posted above, that poster linked to the HP info that has since been removed by HP.  I am curious as to why HP would remove that info.
My guess is that it is a workaround, but the frustrating thing is when people just link, and don't state anything from the link.  Gives us no information to work off of! :P
Thanks for the help, the computer that has been causing problems hasn't logged in in a while. Soon as i see it, I will try. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.