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No Mouse works properly under windows 8

I have a new computer running windows 8 and I did try at less 3 different mouse (2 Logitech and one Microsoft) but no matter what I do the mouse are very choppy. I can't get a constant movement. It will stop and go then stop again and go again.
I was able to get it better by increasing the speed to almost the max but still no perfect.
Sometimes is almost impossible to work with.
I reload the OS from scratch 3 times and change the brand on mouse with no success.
What else can it be?
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Scott Thompson
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Try downloading the proper video drivers for Windows 8 for your motherboard. If this is a laptop, also try running off of battery and see what happens.
You might also see if yet another mouse might work. I have a Windows 8 Pro 64-bit machine and it works with:

1. A Microsoft USB Optical Mouse (wired by USB cable).
2. A Logitech VX Nano with the small USB bug to run the mouse.
3. A Logitech V470 (?) Bluetooth mouse.

All work very smoothly.

If your computer is a Dell computer, bad video (per the prior post) is a good bet.

.... Thinkpads_User
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The computer is a clone made with a Asus sabertooth z77 motherboard and an Intel I7-3370 at 3.5 ghz running windows 8 enterprise 64 bit.
I update all the drivers including video and chipset but still no go.
I use the Logitech VX and a Microsoft 4000. The Logitech is a little better than the Microsoft one but still very hard to work with
It would appear that the clone is not properly Windows 8 compliant. I have no issues with any mouse on either a real Windows 8 Pro 64-bit or Virtual Windows 8 64-bit pre-release machine.
.... Thinkpads_User
The motherboard is 100% windows 8 compliant. It say on the box, it has the latest bios and all drivers are for windows 8
I would complain to the manufacturer. Brand name, top quality Windows 8 machines don't have any mouse problems that I know of. Certainly not my machines, and certainly not to the extent you are having.

Can you return the computer?

... Thinkpads_User
Not really because is a clone that I build myself.
Usually I always by brand names like Dell but this one time I decide to build my own.
It could be a problem cause by the USB3 interference.
I moved the mouse receiver to a different port and is a little better.
I will find an usb extension and try to move it farther from the motherboard and se if that make any difference.
Keep us posted on your results, please. I keep my mouse right next to my computers, but distance might make a difference for you.

.... Thinkpads_User
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Scott Thompson
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Change the mouse mat ;-)
@infedonetwork - Have you been able to get a mouse to work well?  

If not, please consider upgrading to Windows 7 to solve your problem. If Windows 7 works on your clone computer, it is in support until 2020. That leaves lots of time to explore Windows 8 later. .... Thinkpads_User
I installed the USB dongle on the top USB slot and for now looks fine.
I had similar problem with the wireless Logitech Keyboard. Problem typing or very slow response. I also moved the keyboard dongle from the front to the back top port and no more problem. Thank you for your help