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hard drive detection problem

I bought a dell e5420 . It turns on but cursoe comes '-' and nothing after that. I bought it like that. I tried installing windows 7 and xp but it installs for a bit but then error comes saying that there is error on hard drive. But when booted from cd and run diagnostics no error comes.

Also amazingly.I opened it and the hard drive inside is 250gb and in dos it is showing hard drive of 30 mb. It has i5 process 4gb ram and I think at one one time it has windows 7 on it as it says on the label.

I check all the cables and it is connected inside, the hdd.
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What diagnostic did you run from the CD to test the drive? Did you use the HD manufacturer's diagnostic? If not, run that. You'll find it on the UBCD:
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i run the diagnostic from hdd and no erros were found
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waiting for your  reply
Use the HDD manufacturer's diagnostic tool to lowlevel format, or zero fill or whatever it calls that option.

After that try installing Windows 7 again. Remember that you may need the PC's driver for the disk controller for the installation (you can put it on a USB stick and then scan that stick when you get to the partitioning section of the setup).
What exactly did the error msg say when you tried installing Windows 7/XP?  Can you remember what diagnostic program it was that you used to test the hdd?  The fact that DOS is only seeing 30mb is a limitation in DOS, and I wouldn't concern yourself with that (it is far from unusual).
Is it possible that the hdd won't boot up anything, because there isn't anything on the disk, or did you purchase it, with a guarantee that there was an operating system on it?
how is this question related to vb.Net?
i used custom installation and it work . It installed n the new hdd partition but still cannot recognize other part of partition. I do not know why bit at least it solved the problem of installig
after installation go on start and in the search box type:

from the disk manager you can enable the other partition