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Ok so we just changed the configuration of our work network to having VLANs and added a layer 3 switch to our network.  Now when we plug the watchguard XTM 5 back up to the network it doesn't work.  Tried some different configurations on it and it still didn't work.  Originally it was plugged up with port 0 going to the router that was receiving signal from outside and port 1 was connected to a distribution switch.  Now it is plugged up to the same router and the next step in our network now is the layer 3 switch which is now doing most of our routing functions.  So we tried the same configuration just changing the connection to the layer 3 and it didn't work, any ideas?
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If the watchguard is not set for the VLANs, then your layer 3 switch needs to be essentially routing all the VLANs' Internet traffic into one VLAN, and on the port leading to the Watchguard, that particular VLAN must be untagged. Is that the case?
Like Schaps said, you need to make a seperate vlan (untagged) or default vlan between a port on the L3 and the watchguard.
You need to route all traffic to the WG from the L3.

on the WG you need to add all the VLANs that are behind the L3 to the routing table of the firewall.

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