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Coldfusion- count list items in cfquery and cfloop

Hello experts
I need help to count the list items for each language and compare them using the following code.
Any help?
<cfoutput query="getlanguages">
  <ul class="bdesc">
   <cfif len(trim(form['Ingredients_' & languages_id]))>
    <cfset text = replace(trim(form['Ingredients_' & languages_id]),Chr(13),'^', 'all')>
    <cfset 'list_#languages_id#' = 0 >
    <cfloop list="#text#" index="i" delimiters="^">
     <cfset 'list_#languages_id#' =  ['list_' &  languages_id] + 1>
  <cfdump var="">
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Pravin Asar
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Looping over the form fields (name matching = 'Ingrednents' & language_id), you can build a

Here is a outline of the code,

1. Use QueryNew() to define the query structure.
     <cfset lqry=
2. Loop over the form field names and add to query. Use QueryAddRow() and QuerySetCell()
3. One you have your new query structure populated, you can count.

Here is code, (not tested )

<!--- Define Query --->
<cfset myQuery = QueryNew("fieldname, fieldvalue", "VarChar, varchar")>
<!--- Start Populating --->
<cfloop list="#form.fieldnames#" index="fld">
    <cfset tt= QueryAddRow(MyQuery, 1)/>
    <cfset tt= QuerySetCell(myQuery, "fieldname", #fld#)/>
    <cfset tt= QuerySetCell(myQuery, "fieldvalue", form[#fld#])/>

<!--- get the field count --->
<cfloop query="getlanguages">
<cfquery name="group_by" dbtype="query">
    SELECT fieldname AS x, count(fieldname) as fieldCnt  
    FROM myquery  
    WHERE fieldname like 'Ingredients_' & #getLanguages.language_id
    GROUP BY fieldname
<cfoutput><br/>#group_by.fieldcnt#: #group_by.fieldcnt#</cfoutput>
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Hi  pravinasar.
I think you did not understand what i'm trying to do or i did not understand your code.
I have a formfield "Ingredients_' & languages_id"
The number of the Ingredients_ fields depends on how many languages i have activated.
A user can write inside that field the ingredients of a recipe spliting them using the enter key. I 'm using hidden - show tabs for each language.
To tranform the entered values to a list i'm using:
<cfset text = replace(trim(form['Ingredients_' & languages_id]),Chr(13),'^', 'all')>
I will add to each step one image upload field but not for each language separate.
the problem now is that the user can make any mistake with the number of Ingredients.
That what i was looking for was to find a way to count and compare the lists of every language.
I'm not completely sure what you're after - and unfortunately I can't stick around today. But maybe this example might help (?)

<!--- sample data --->
<cfset getLanguages = queryNew("")>
<cfset queryAddColumn(getLanguages, "languages_id", listToArray("1,2,3,4"))>

<cfset FORM.Ingredients_1 = "">
<cfset FORM.Ingredients_2 = "foo"& chr(13) & "bar">
<cfset FORM.Ingredients_3 = "">
<cfset FORM.Ingredients_4 = "foo"& chr(13) & "bar"& chr(13) & "qax">

<cfset languageTotals = {}>
<cfoutput query="getLanguages">
  <ul class="bdesc">
   	<cfif len(trim(form['Ingredients_' & languages_id]))>
	    <cfset text = replace(trim(form['Ingredients_' & languages_id]),Chr(13),'^', 'all')>
	    <cfset total = 0>
		<cfloop list="#text#" index="i" delimiters="^">
	    	<cfset total = total+ 1>
		<cfset languageTotals[languages_id] = total>
		<li><strong>items:</strong> #languageTotals[languages_id]#</li>

<!--- compare all --->
<cfloop collection="#languageTotals#" item="id">
 	total for languages_id[#id#] = #languageTotals[id]#<br>

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Hi agx.
It is almost what i need.
I need a cfif tag that is comparing all languagetotals. If they are all the same.....
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Thank you agx.
It is working.

Happy new year
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Thank you
Welcome. Happy new year :)