virtual switch in windows 2012

I have windows 2012 with 4 ports in HP DL380 and a VM.
I assigned 1 of 4 ports to the virtual switch and everything seems work fine.
But when I changed the host computer's teamed nic (3 ports) to a static IP, it didn't update DNS server, then I found out that the IP address in DNS was the IP address of virtual switch.

I'm a bit confused with this virtual switch, haven't worked with it. First of all, if I want to balance good bandwidth with these 4 ports, how do I configure the virtual switch and how can I assign static IP addresses to both host and VM guest?
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)Connect With a Mentor VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
normally you would dedicate an IP Address to the Host and networking to the host, and then build a virtual switch.

So if you have four ports, a pair for the host teamed, with a sinlge IP Address, which will leave you two nics to build a virtual switch.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
So should I team 2 for 2 connections? 2 for host and 2 for virtual switch?

Also, to physical network, if I want to assign static IP to the host, where do I assign the IP, host or virtual switch?
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
I seems like the host is reached by the virtual switch IP address, not the IP address of the host. Why is this?
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crcsupportAuthor Commented:
I just teamed 2 for host, assigned static IP address, and teamed 2 for Virtual External switch with DHCP.

I seems like working fine. Now, Is it good to keep this virtual switch as DHCP or static?
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
Other question, after I played with virtual switch, I think Host also can be reachable from physical network only through the virtual switch I configured. correct?

So, if I turn off the virtual switch, neither host and guest vm can be reached from physical network.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
when I try to assign static ip to virtual switch in control panel/network, it gives warning message, 'multiple gateways....' I just proceeded. I had to delete some DNS records manually. So for now below is how it's set up.

TEAM 1: 2 NICs teamed,
TEAM 2: 2 NICs teamed,

I got a warning message when I assign IP address to the TEAM 2, says 'multiple gateway....'. Then I just proceeded.

Then, I deleted and recreated Virtual switch, then assigned TEAM 1 to it.

Then, I assigned to VM GUEST.

Now, the HOST is pinged by and GUEST is pinged by
But, after reboot, now HOST created two A records, and
I'm wondering if the virtual switch should not be assigned with a static IP at all.

Am I doing correct?
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
it depends if you want resilience, I would recommend that any network interface is teamed.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
Resolved. If you need to have one IP address in A record of DNS,  you need to team NICs ,then share it with virtual switch. That way, virtual switch and host will have the same IP.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
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two IP address problem on host DNS record can be resolved as I provided answer.
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