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directory not visible in DOS command window

I have a directory c:\Users\Owner\Documents\My DVDs.  I can see this directory using Windows Explorer.  I am running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.  If I open a DOS command window and cd to c:\Users\Owner\Documents\ and enter "dir" then I do not see the "My DVDs" directory listed in the results.  If I enter "dir /AD" then I see the "My DVDs" directory listed in the results.  Why is the "My DVDs" directory not listed when I enter "dir?"

Note that I looked at the permissions for the My DVDs folder.  The permissions are the same as all the other directories as far as I can tell.  Also, this is not a link to another folder.  This is a normal directory.  I have spoken with others who have experienced the same issue with other directories.
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I see all the directories on my machine.

Go to Control Panel, Folder Options, View Tab

Select Show Hidden Files.
Uncheck Hide Empty Drives
Uncheck Hide Extensions

Close folder options, go back to Explorer and check that all is well.

Now open a DOS prompt (CMD), navigate to Documents with the CD command and try again.

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I already had all those settings.  Again, my problem is not seeing the directory in the DOS command prompt.  I can see the directory in Windows Explorer.
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Does the directory have the hidden attribute set?
I assume you are "Owner". Also, did you create the Directory called My DVDs while logged in as Owner?  Then are you running cmd.exe while logged in as Owner?

Try this.  Start, cmd.exe and then right click on cmd.exe. Select Run as Administrator. Allow cmd.exe to open and check again. Any change?

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I am the "Owner."  The owner of the directory "My DVDs" is "Owner."  Starting cmd.exe with "Run as Administrator" makes no difference.  I still do not see the directory in the DOS command window using "dir" but I do see the directory when I use the command "dir /AD."
Try taking ownership of the folder again as yourself (Owner) to see if that makes a difference.

Also try running System File Checker. Run SFC /SCANNOW and allow to complete. Then restart the computer. SFC will not likely help because it fixes corrupt files, not permissions.

Also check for viruses.
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Try moving the'My DVDs' folder straight to the C:\ directory and see if it shows up there. If it does, move it back and check again. Post results.
Thinkpads_User, I ran sfc /scannow.  It did not find any integrity violations.  No change in results.  There must be some setting on the directory making it a hidden directory because I see the directory when I use the dir /A option but I do not see the directory when I use dir without /A.  But I don't see where the directory is getting set as a hidden directory.  Can you point me to where this is set?  When I right-click on the folder in Windows Explorer and choose Properties I see the hidden checkbox unchecked.  The checkbox is disabled.

pc_solutions50501, I want to see if I can figure why I am having this problem before moving the directory.
I don't know why the checkbox is disabled.  I checked my own system and it is not.

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Are sure sure you are the owner of the file and that you as Owner set it up (Not as another user)?  

Did you try taking ownership of the folder (or folder above)?

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Another thing to try, and really easy, is as follows:

1. Make a new folder at the same level as My DVDs called My DVD Folder. So in Windows Explorer, they will appear beside each other.

2. Do a DIR command. You should see My DVD Folder. Please verify and post.

3. Move the files from My DVDs to My DVD Folder and delete My DVDs.  

Your problem should now be solved, but please do let us know.

.... Thinkpads_User
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HOLY SMOKES!  YOU DID IT!  AWESOME HELP!  The following command fixed it:

attrib -s -h "My DVDs"