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Alaska Cowboy
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I set up OneNote 2010 on PC-A, no problem, using SkyDrive.

On PC-B when attempting to access SkyDrive, it says "this service is disabled by policy. Contact System Administrator". found this on Google which says "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Common\WebIntegration\WebIntegrationEnabled=1

if not there the trick is to create WebIntegrationEnabled as DWORD and put 1 in decimal value"

I looked all over my Registry but could not find "WebIntegrationEnabled", search returned nothing as well.

machine is HP Pavilion g7 Notebook PC, Windows 7 Home Premium SP-1
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Hi william, can you look for the WebIntegration key under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\Common ?
Possibly it may be missing as in this case
If it is missing, just create it, then add DWORD WebIntegrationEnabled=1 to it
Then restart and see if any change
Hope that helps


it's not there on PC-B, but it is there on PC-A, where I originally installed Office 2010.

never added a Registry item, will see how that goes.
Here's the PC-A registry that works.
Registry for PC-A
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Got it ! I exported from PC-A to PC-B and it loaded fine and works great !
Awesome, award yourself a bunch of points!


I awarded myself 0 points but they still won't close right away.

I'm excited to start using OneNote across machines via SkyDrive.
Yes OneNote is great, I run it across my home Windows 8/Office 2013 and office Windows 7/Office 2010 PCs. Microsoft did a great job with both SkyDrive and the OneNote integration. They went a bit too far in 2013 particularly with Excel where the continual sync of large files really kills performance but I expect they will fix that in the next release. Have you tried OneNote for iPad? It is not bad but could benefit from an upgrade itself


Good to hear about the integration and compatibility.

I loaded on Android phone and looks good - sync's and all. Also tried on Amazon Kindle Fire HD (8.9") which I just got, but OneNote is not available. I tried a work around and it loaded but wouldn't sync so I scrapped it.



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