How to block Uploading Through ISA Server 2004

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In Our Org. We are using ISA 2004, need to Block the Upload using ISA 2004, Upload in youtube, twitter, google, yahoo, hotmail.......

Please guide me how can i do it

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infoplateformConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can also done following steps

How to Block HTTP-Uploads through ISA 2006
by  Fiorani, PaoloNo presence information  on 15/07/2009 0.12
Category: ISA
In case you want to block HTTP files upload (only HTML forms, not WebDAV) this is the way:

    Locate the rule that alllow HTTP browsing
    Right click it -> Configure HTTP
    Select Signature tab and create a new signaure:
        Name: Block HTTP Upload
        Search in: Request headers
        HTTP header: Content-Type:
        Signature: multi
Ram Kumar ChellamAuthor Commented:
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