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I came across a pdf recently with was made to look like a passport

I liked the passport stamps and was wondering how I could do that effect in Powerpoint?

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You can't do this with powerpoint - I suspect the example you refer to has been done with Adobe InDesign or a simiar high-end document production package


thanks. figured as much. as i don't have this software and am not familiar with them, i was wondering what's the best i can do in the office suite - word, powerpoint, visio etc
I don't see why you couldn't create something like this with PowerPoint! If you can find passport images for the first few pages, then your off and running. The rest of the document is basically a mix of images and text.

You should be able to easily create a slide background using the gradient function (from blue to pink).
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Good to hear. But the actual stamps like "Mountain Strategy" and "Female Market". Any idea how i could do these with the rubber stamp / faded effect? Thanks
That will require a graphics/image editor like Paint.NET or GIMP! But you may be able to find what you need using a google search. I'll get back to you a little later if you still need some help!
...and HERE fot the the rubber stamp images  
: _)

In any case - nobody reads the images and the effect is the same.
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Commented: has a lot but you have to pay for them.
I didn't think it could be done either but paulsauve convinced me. I built this passport stamp in about 15 minutes...EE Passport Stamp...based on this awesome template
Rubber stamps in PowerPoint Template
It was fun, and there are so many options in PowerPoint with word art and artistic effects that you should become a stamp guru no time.
But I couldn't get PP to create a 2 color gradient - but I did this in GIMP:Powerpoint - page backgroundYou can use it as a background if you use to for a PP document.


terencino that is awesome - nice design too! Can you attached the powepoint file itself of your trial stamp?

paulsauve - thanks for the image. I'll attribute points shortly
Here's the PowerPoint file, I found the EE logo in Google images. I grouped all the elements so I could rotate the entire stamp

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