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tv speakers instead of center speaker from my amp

ok guys have asked this before and got nowhere but have changed my tv now got samsung ue46es6800 3d smart tv now this tv has hdmi (dvi) , hdmi (arc). the hdmi (dvi) has a stereo input for sound so i am wondering if I can use the built in speakers as the center speaker for my amp I know I would need to match the impedance as I remember the last time I asked the similar question it was going on about dvi adapters etc  or am I better going for a sound bar I mean my next purchase may be a 9.2 hdmi amp but I may wait for 1.4 hdmi I cannot see or afford any at the moment
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No you can't as the TV doesn't know about Surround Sound, In a surround system normally you disable the chintzy audio output from the TV to its cheap internal speakers.

Almost ALL Television signals you are lucky to just get stereo.. with maybe the odd SAP signal.
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Many HD programs on broadcast TV have 5.1 audio... that usually doesn't survive the remodulation and compression to send them out over cable systems, though.

But I do agree that speakers in most TVs are as cheap as possible.  :-)

What kind of output[s] does your amp have for the center speaker?
What kind of input does the TV have for the speakers?
e.g. RCA jacks, 3.5mm stereo jack, binding posts, something else?

You don't mention what kind of budget you have, nor watts per channel of your amp... - JBL J042N $63 free ship

If you want binding posts/banana jacks, you have to spend a little more - JBL 120C - $120.47 with shipping
or used - about $105 with UPS shipping

There are many other brands besides JBL, of course.
One idea,
 if your new TV has rca connectors you know those red white and yellow, the white maybe video so use the red and yellow for audio only, either way it would be marked on the TV RCA video and two for audio
get two rca cables single, or the three in one and leave the video
 Using pliers or wire cutters pull one end off the rca and connect your speaker wires to these  wrap in good electrical tape to secure them,
then plug the other end into the TV RCA audio
the audio should carry out through including your internal speakers
we used to do this back in our teens to get more sounds out onto the deck of the trawler, great for Rage or those music TV channels.
Mind you we used some big second hand speakers too, never thought about amps and stuff back then.
it just worked
I actually found a video, good on ya youtube
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no my last tv didnt have hdmi (dvi) I remember that the last time I asked this it was use a dvi adapter now my tv has hdmi (dvi) I thought I would try this again the reason I have a center speaker but I dont really have space for it it takes up a place where I could use my ps3 for instance

also my new tv has component input so it has red and white audio are you saying that will work
Yes it does,
you know you could attach the rca cables from your TV to your stereo amp since your speakers are connected to the amp?
it would have those connections ?? rca plugs?
I've run those rca cables along the floor to my AMP from my PC at the other end of the house so that I have my PC hooked up to the amp as well via the switch box, you could probably do the same with your PS 3, just connect that to your TV avs 1 if you have it then when you switch to TV that sound will play through the amp.
Here's how I do it
What I did was use a switch box.
I have the TV rca  audio out to a small switchbox.
For my PC audio out>
I used a single audio cable that converts to rca in other end, this one for illustration purpose,
Comsol 3.5mm Jack to 2 x RCA Male Audio Cable 3m
I added a small double adapter to my desktop PC speakers socket  at the rear of the tower so that not only do I have the AMP with 5 Sansui speakers but also my LG speakers on my desktop.
True it's pretty cool.
On your AMP if it supports it put the rca from your TV anywhere on an incoming socket if available on the AMP
such as CD player or DVD player or Phono etc.
or use a switch box like mine.
I'm old school IanTh but this is the switch box I use
notice there is three in front>input left / center and right the opposite is the output the  main connection to my pioneer AMP that RCA is plugged into  LD/DVD as the main output.
So the two inputs one is for TV the other is for PC.
I then just switch them from left TV  to right PC
3 way switch
Then you just connect your speakers to your amp and stick the speakers anywhere, further away is good since you get a better all round sound effect.
Your AMP is the key to getting the surround sound not your TV.
It works really good may not be perfect 7.1 mine is 5.1 anyway. But I'm happy with it.
Does that help?
You can buy speaker cables in large quantities.
Just check the correct impedance low resistance ?? I cant remember the jargon but check what is the correct speaker wires for your speakers to get maximum power with 4 or more speakers and the longer the cables the thicker they need to be,
For illustration only since I'm in Australia

to extend the rca cables make them longer I use these
RCA Female to Female Adapter ( 10 Pack )
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my amp in speaker setup calls the small or large

so use my center output to the left and right rca on the component input ?

my hdmi 1 is hdmi (dvi) ie it has an dvi audio input (stereo 2.5mm) next to the hdmi1 (dvi) could I use that ? or will that not work ?
OK, so your TV has RCA jacks for Audio In... what does your amp have for Center Out?

If the amp has an RCA jack, too, you could use
they have other lengths if you need longer than 6ft (~2m).

If it has binding posts, use one of these cables... plug the RCA ends into the TV and connect those 2 sets of wires to the binding posts (keep the polarity the same on both sets of wires)... i.e. it will be sending the same signal to both speakers. Note that connecting the speakers in parallel will cut the impedance of the speakers in half, so if they're 8 ohm speakers, set the amp's output to treat them as 4 ohm (e.g. parallel impedances are the reciprocal of the sum of the reciprocals... so 1/8 + 1/8 = 1/4 and reciprocal of 1/4 is 4).

edit: "component" is video; audio is composite. And set them as 'small' - that will adjust the crossover so not as much bass is sent to them.
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the manual states using 'small' for the center out (well all speakers) 'use of a small speaker that has inadequate playback capacity for low frequencies' it also states crossover frequency 'outputs at below set frequency, each speaker's bass signal output from the subwoofer
40hz/60hz/80hz/90hz/100hz/110hz/120hz/150hz/200hz/250hz     80hz is default
advanced: set the low frequency signals to be output from the signals of the respective speakers to the subwoofer : front/center/surround/s.back/front height : select the speaker

crossover frequency : always set the crossover frequency to 80hz when using small speakers, however , we recommend setting the crossover frequency to a higher frequency      

I am more interested of using the hdmi (dvi) as last time I remember it was use a dvi adapter as that has a separate audio would that not work ?
Do you have a DVI to HDMI adapter that will connect to the center speaker output from your amp?
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no my new tv has hdmi (dvi) so I don't think I need an adapter
dvi means  Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is a video display interface developed by the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG).
Nothing to do with audio.
Type Digital computer video connector
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your not understanding me my hdmi1 is hdmi(dvi) it has a regular hdmi port and right next to it is a 2.5mm audio input so it presumably allows audio input it also has hdmi(arc) but my other kit like amp doesn't
Got it sorry I missed the part with the Samsung Smart TV
all out by the looks of it
•Sound Output (RMS): 10W x 2
•Dolby: Dolby Digital Plus/Pulse
•SRS: SRS TheaterSound HD
•dts 2.0+Digital Out
•Speaker Type: Down Firing + Full Range
•Auto Volume Leveler

 •HDMI: 3
•HDMI 1.4 (3D Auto Setting/Return Channel)
•USB: 3
•Headphone: 1
•Wireless LAN Built-In
•Component In (Y/Pb/Pr): 1
•Composite In (AV): 1 (Common Use for Component Y)
•Digital Audio Out (Optical)
•PC In: via HDMI
•RF In (Terrestrial/Cable Input): 1
•RF In (Satellite Input): 1
•DVI Audio In (Mini Jack): 1<<< this one
User generated imagemay be of assistance>>
•Ethernet (LAN): 1
•CI Slot
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just a note my speakers are set to external will it still work I dont yet have a cable to try it
note my crossover settings above when I get a cable to try it whats the best setting to send bass to the subwoofer 40hz or 250hz
I'm lost in what your trying do, is this an AMP/receiver you want to try and connect to this TV and use the TV Speakers? as a center speaker for your AMP?
You say>>
if I can use the built in speakers as the center speaker for my amp

You want to play music from your receiver with it's own 4 speakers and use this TV Sound Output (RMS): 10W x 2 speakers like a sub woofer? for the AMP??
Anything in that range if it's possible may damage the TV speakers.
bare with me
I'm pretty good at doing crazy stuff like this, but first I need to understand a few things,
Like how your sending the audio signal from the AMP to this TV so that it's speakers will be activated.

It's like this>
Take a  laptop it has a unique  board very small and everything uses the same resources. Unlike a Desktop which has an audio card rather than onboard audio chip.

 if you plug an mp3 player into the laptop mic or headphones
the  speakers wont automatically send sound out of the speakers from the mp3 player
You need a carrier from the desktop to sync with mp3 player then that carrier will send the sounds out from the desktop to speakers.

Same principal applies with The TV  in my opinion,
because of the way it's wired on the circute board.
If your interested in what a tear down looks like, according to this the Samsung  has two mainboards.
It's very interesting read
There is a component and board dedicated to the speakers that includes a Conexant CX20708 far field voice input processor for speech recognition. Despite the vertical integration seen on a lot of this TV, the image sensor is a back illuminated CMOS image sensor from OmniVision (die markings shown). And the Wi-FI module features the RALink 5572N Wi-Fi module

I don't believe it would work
Only way to know is to test it.
Wait till the wiser experts come along.
I'll ask BillDL to come in he has good knowledge
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I dont have room for a center speaker well I do but I could put my ps3 there you know as that resides somewhere else at the moment so I tried to last time I asked was the same and the advice was use the center output on my amp into a dvi-hdmi adapter as that has a audio input now my new tv looks like its got this in it already hdmi (dvi)
I know the tv speakers are not up to much but as its only center most goes around the surround speakers / subwoofer
OK, so we currently think they're 2.5mm mini jacks instead of RCA.

Have you tried a 2.5mm plug in them, to confirm they're not actually 3.5mm jacks?
3.5mm is a much-more common size than 2.5mm.

We still don't know what the center channel outputs are on your amp.
If they are binding posts, and if you have confirmed the inputs are 2.5mm, a couple of these RCA to 2.5mm adapters on;L74224-06 would make the transition.

You shouldn't need any "adapter cable" per se - you could just use HDMI into that HDMI2 jack, and it will apparently ignore any audio that's usually included with HDMI... that's why it says (DVI) , and it will use whatever audio's input on those 'mini jacks' instead... so all you need to do is feed the center channel outputs to those 'mini jack' inputs, and the HDMI2 jack will strip off the audio included in the HDMI signal.
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yes sorry 3.5mm audio
my amp has the screw on type where you wrap the speaker wire round and tighten the cap

well the amp will strip it at the amp because its going to come from the center output

i dont know what to set the crossover to it goes from 40hz to 250 hz so is it large number to send the bass out to the subwoofer  or smaller amount
my amp calls the large or small and that is to set the crossover easily

I dont have a cable yet I should be able to rig one up if I can find a 3.5 mm stereo plug

Please see attached diagram of Denon AVR 2310 back panel - I believe this is the receiver from your original post?

I have highlighted the pre-out RCA connections and in particular, the centre out (C).

Using the following, connect this output to the DVI-audio (mini-jack) input on your TV and the HDMI (monitor) from your receiver (if using that as a HDMI switch) to the DVI input on the TV - the latter assumes that all HDMI connections from devices go through the amp rather than directly into the TV.

Items to use are something like:


By using a single RCA to stereo, this will ensure that the same signal comes out from both TV speakers placing dialogue in the centre of the TV as opposed to coming from one side.



It's possible you have a CI variant of the AVR 2310 (perhaps you can upload a photo of the back of the receiver?) in which case there are no pre-outputs, then it would be possible to take the optical output (DVR - bottom connection of the optical connections), run that through a AC3/DTS optical to analogue converter and just take the centre channel to the TV?

You'll need one of these:

plus the RCA to stereo 3.5 mm and 3.5 mm stereo jack to jack cable from above as well as an optical toslink cable.

So you'd connect DVR output (Opt-2 Out) to the SPDIF 1 on the converter and the Cen RCA out to the DVI-audio in on the TV via the RCA to 3.5mm converter and 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable.



OK, so 2 of these RCA to 3.5mm mono plugs on the RCA plugs of this cable, with the stripped wires wrapped around the Center binding posts and tightened should do what you need... have the polarity of both left and right the same.

I don't know why you want a 3.5mm stereo plug... those inputs on the TV are for the Left and Right speakers, and neither of those are marked to take a single stereo input.
Taking the output from the fiberoptic toslink cable and splitting it out with a separate box sounds more complicated and expensive than just buying a thin enough center speaker to sit the PS3 on top of.

According to the pictures posted by Merete, the AVR with the Pre-Out panel does not have banana jacks in the binding posts, and the variant without the Pre-Outs has combination binding posts/banana jacks.  Pre out jacks typically provide a line level signal that would still need to be amplified before being fed to a speaker... I don't think that's what you want in this instance, but it wouldn't bother me to be wrong about that, either. :-)
I recon the only way to get this to work is to use rca. from TV to AMP
explained here  http:#a38732322
and here http:#a38736542

Connect the playstation to the TV avs in  the TV speakers will send out playstation sound, to add more speakers
connect the TV audio out ( rca) to AMP audio in rca
 then he'll have the stereo audio as well the TV audio.
The TV audio will act like a center speaker simply because of where it placed in the room.
If you have the idea you'll get surround sound with the TV speakers as center it is not going to happen but you will fill your room with sound from your PlayStation
I have and still use an old PlayStation with this setup, since some of my music creation tools are in PlayStation.
This how I am able to record the tracks I make through teh stereo going back to my PC.

The other option is to use a line-level converter - this will take a loudspeaker output and convert it to a line level output - it's something used in cars where the head unit does not have pre-outs.

Make sure it's good quality, passive (i.e. doesn't require 12V signal from a head unit), and capable of handling the power output from the amp - i.e. grated than 120 watts.

You would take the centre speaker channel, convert it to line level using the converter and then use the same RCA to 3.5mm and 3.5 mm stereo cable from my earlier post to connect it to your DVI audio in.

DO NOT connect the output directly otherwise you'll damage the TV, amp or both.



Yet another option is to use a HDMI to 5.1/7.1 converter that will decode 5.1 audio from the HDMI output of the amp. From this, you can then run the centre out to the DVI audio in mini-jack and the HDMI out from the adapter will plug into the TV to supply the picture:

The audio needs to be Linear PCM but this is one of the default outputs on many Blu-Ray players and the default on the PS3.


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correct if I am wrong pre-outs and line-level are the same and linear pcm is the norm?

so connect center pre-out to the dvi 3.5mm input yes? Assuming my amp has it i will check in a bit I cant now my wife is watching the jk show lol
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ok in the manual for my amp it has pre-outs and your saying use the center pre-out as the tv speakers has its own amplification

Yes - that is what I am saying - the TV speakers have their own 10w RMS amps so run the Centre-channel pre-out to the 3.5 mm DVI audio in via a RCA to 3.5 mm stereo adapter (this will ensure that both speakers are driven via a mono signal) and 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm jack stereo cable.

Set the centre output level on the amp accordingly (this should adjust the pre-out level) and volume on the TV so that the sound you get from the speakers from the amp and TV are the same levels.

That should be it.


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I have set the tv speakers to external would that matter ?

Yes as that will turn the TV speakers off.

Since you are feeding in an analogue signal from the receiver there should not be any issues with delays.


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I will try it today I have found a stereo donor cable I just need a rca plug
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ok i got a phono to mono 3.5mm adapter and found a 3.5mm stereo to 3.5mm stereo lead plugged the phono adapter into center pre-out and the 3.5mm stereo cable into hdmi (dvi) sound socket but i am not getting any sound for the center channel on my tv speakers I have looked through the manual but not finding anything I have tried in speaker setting with center off and small to no avail

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Anyone no sound from the amp to the tv ?
It cant work from AMP to TV,
 the input on the TV regardless it says audio/video in is in putting to the mainboard not the speakers directly, you can't by pass the mainboard circutary
The speakers donot have a separated line , you can add headset to the TV
But it then cuts out the TV speakers
User generated imageUser generated image

Connect the TV audio out to AMP CD line in or any line in on the AMP and play on the TV.
I believe it is by design to protect  not only the inbuilt speakers.
All speakers are not built the same.
The internal speakers of a TV are designed to receive that type of watts and ampage from that mother board so that you can't blow it up.
It also pertains to patented designs.
Sound Retrieval System

My post stated a Phono to Stereo adapter, not Mono.

Did you take your speakers off external? Make sure that you have selected the right video input (DVI) so that sound is permitted to the line in for that input.

Try removing the video cable from that input but leave audio plugged in - do you hear anything now?


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I could find a mono phono I googled it and could only find stereo phone to 3.5mm stereo but surely I would get sound from one of the tv speakers even if I was using mono I am not I have turned my tv all the way up

I have looked in the amp setup and cant see anything so I assumed I would turn off center or should it still be on?

yes my hdmi is the hdmi 1 (dvi)
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hmm I think its working after I unplugged the hdmi cable and reconnected I mean its low but at least on the amp test I can hear the center channel its like it reset the hdmi as dvi do you agree that that's possible ?

I mean its seams too low I may find somewhere else to put my center speaker back I mean my left and right seem quite OK on the own.

If the DVI is actually an HDMI socket and detecting audio pass-thru from the receiver, then it may de-activate the audio inputs and use the HDMI signals instead.

I would expect the line level outputs to be reasonable enough to drive the line level input on the TV - however, it's possible that the mono socket on the RCA adapter is only driving the L+R channels but not earth, in which case you will be getting a 'difference' signal which would be lower - it really depends how the RCA connector is feeding the TV.

That is why I specified a single RCA to stereo mini-jack to ensure that it would be feeding both earth and L+R signals.

Where are you in the world? I did send you some links in an earlier post for the exact product.



For 3.5mm stereo plugs, the tip and 2nd connector are ussually R and L with the rear connecter being common/earth.

It's possible that the mono socket in the RCA adapter is shorting the signal by connecting to both the earth and L signals on the stereo mini-jack? Alternatively the earth may not be connecting at all in which case you just have the + signal which would appear as a very quiet sound.



On your receiver, you need to set the following:

The “Manual Setup” – “HDMI Setup” – “HDMI Audio Out” setting is set to “Amp”.

This is to ensure that HDMI audio is not routed to your TV which ma disable the DVI audio inputs.

Did you adjust the volume on the TV for the centre audio/dialogue etc?



You need to leave center turned on - with no resistance (i.e. speaker) to drive it should not cause the amp any issues.

I suggest you set it to small as the TV speakers will have a limited frequency responce.

See page 27 of the manual (


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well like I said if I test the speakers I get a tone out of the tv so I probably need a mono phono to 3.5mm stereo instead on my mono phono to mono 3.5mm as I do not get any center sound just the test tone does that suggest what you where saying earlier Rob about shorting out?

Is the tone the same levels as your other speakers or very weak/quiet?

Have you adjusted the centre output via the receiver setup?

When watching a programme, have you set the correct sound mode - e.g. Prologic IIx for TV etc?


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it does prologic as its stereo from my sky hd via the amp

the test tone is not as full sounding which is reasonable as not base element  

Have you adjusted the centre output via the receiver setup?

You can usually adjust the gain to each channel on the amplifier/receiver - this should be applicable to your Pre-outs as much as your amplified outputs.

The fact that the test-tone appears to be an equivalent volume to your speakers suggests that there is no short on the pins in the RCA adapter, although I'd suggest the RCA mono to stereo mini-jack adapter used just to be sure.

You can actually get 5.1 from your Sky box to your receiver if you use one of these:

You would need an HDMI to DVI cable between the Sky Box and this unit as well as a digital audio interconnect.


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why would I need an adapter my tv hdmi (dvi) already has that

so when you say adjust the pre-outs where do I do that

That would be in the amp setup where you adjust the channel levels.

With regards to the adapter, that is to allow you to get your 5.1 audio from your Sky box to your amp.


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my amp does that stereo to 7.1 so I don't need a adapter

no I mean on what page I am not used to the terminology in use in the manual when you say you can adjust the center channel pre-amp where and how

I appreciate your amp does prologic but that is not the same as the AC3/Dolby Digital you'd get on HD transmissions. Prologic either creates surround channels from 2.0 sources or decides surround information contained within it.
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I do get dolby digital but only for sky programs like films that have a ac3 soundtrack

So when you say change the center pre-out I dont know where or how to do that I am not used to the terminology used etc

Speaker levels should also adjust pre-out levels.

My apology - I thought your Sky HD box didn't output AC3 over HDMI, hence the suggestion of the adapter.


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it also has ac3 but by optical audio cable to the amp that only works when the the TV show has it like a film

Any luck with dialogue/centre channel coming from the TV?


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not yet try later