are dmg images bootable on a windows PC?

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I downloaded a trial of a bootable program for data recovery (data warrior) for macs.  it's in dmg format.  Should I be able to burn it to a CD and boot off of it on a windows PC?  Both the macs and windows are intel processors.  and since it's bootable, it doesn't care what OS is on the internal hard drive?

The mac I borrowed doesn't have a cd drive and the drive we are trying to recover data from is an external USB drive.  so i figured I'd boot off of the image on a windows pc?  No?
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Sudeep SharmaTechnical Designer
You could burn the DMG image file just like ISO file using any CD/DVD burner. One such free burner I would recommend is imgburn.

Further you could also convert DMG to ISO using paid program like MagicISO or PowerISO.


I dont think you will be able to boot to both OS on a single computer.  Even if they use the same type of microprocessor. All the other parts of the computer are spoken to by the OS too, and if they are not what it's expecting, you wont have any luck.
I rememeber ONE system that was capable of doing this, from years ago, the "powerPC".  Have not seen one of those in a while tho.
I'm trying that - burned DMG to disk and converted to ISO, then burn to disk and copied to zalman drive - a cute drive that boots off ISO images.

all do not boot.  Not sure if it's a problem with the initial image or they just don't boot on windows
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I have a few different dmg files for different apps - 1 is small enough to fit on a CD.  and antoehr is 3 gb / needs a dvd.  

can you burn a 500MB bootable file to a dvd and it'll boot?  Or does a smaller iso need a CD only?
Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

Fussion is NOT for running virtual MAC on a PC.
Apple licensing actually forbids the running of ANY Apple OS on anything except Apple certified Hardware.

Neilsr is correct, I somehow read it backwards, srry bout that.
Technical Designer
IF you would like to see if the DMG file is bootable or not before burning it to CD/DVD then try booting it off the VirtualBox. Below is the article which would help you in converting DMG to ISO and also help you in booting with it. Though it is meant to Snow Leopard but it would help you check if the DMG you want to check is bootable or not.

Note: My only purpose of this post is to help the user to find the bootable DMG. If it violates any license then please delete the post.

thanks guys I was able to read the drive so the data is there just doesn't boot.  I'm working on other things now.  Not a big issue anymore.  Thanks for the help!

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