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I do not have internet right now.  What I'd like to do is to download documentaries, etc from Youtube at a friend's house, save them to a flash drive then watch at home.   Is this possible? Do I need to purchase software and, if so, do I need to install it on both computers?
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RaiderNationDelegate--There are many programs for this.  For example

If your friend uses Firefox as browser

Once downloaded you may have to convert to a file extension used by the leading video players.
I guess my main question is whether any of these are "issue free" in terms of spyware, etc.  I'd rather pay $35 for an air-tight program than to fool with anything that could compromise my buddy's computer.

At any rate, thank you.  Any preferences of the ones listed above?
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RaiderNationDelegate--I am reasonably certain that the sites I have suggested are free of malware.
And you can scan all with an antivirus program after download and before you install them.
Having said that, you really have to just test a suggestion and see which offers the ease and features you want.  (Actually you may find that what appealled to you at first may not be your ultimate choice. )
Hey Jci-
I'm just gunshy because I downloaded one before that brought in a virus and was hard to remove.
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RaiderNationDelegate--You have asked for software and have received suggestions.  Also suggestions how to test for malware before you install the software.
It is hard to know what can help you overcome your being gunshy.  I also have run malware checks on the sites I suggested.
Even if we run a particular software with no problem, there is no absolute guarantee that a subsequent download will not cause problems, but it is rare.
I tried to download these... In orde to do the download, they try to stick you with other bad stuff... Very sneaky and sleazy.  I DO NOT want a gambling toolbar, or cutie icons, or anything... I JUST WANT A YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER... NOTHING ELSE.

I would rather pay for this than deal with these free services that take over your computer.

Please advise me.
This is the kind of thing I'm talking about.   A lot of times, these free products include lots of other things that end up slowing down your computer.
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RaiderNationDelegate--As long as you are observant and stay on legitimate sites, you can just say NO to downloading and installing addons you do not want .  As annoying as that Casino download may be, it is certainly not hiding its offer.
Adobe and Oracle, among many others, offer Toolbar offers with their downloads in much smaller type than the Casino offer.  It is the way the world is.

It is, of course, your choice.  I suspect you can find a paid downloader on this site
I reposted question and got RealPlayer.  No drama with that program and works great.

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