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Jegajothy vythilingam
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My OS is win 7 Prof 64 bit and I have Pinnacle Studio 16 for editing the video files recorded on the cameras.  I have still not done anything yet as I have yet to get a video camera.

I would like to ask the experts for their advice on the brand and model of video camera to go and buy.  My requirements are for filming speeches and talks by speakers, so it will be close ups like about 10 to 15 feet away.  Very very rarely will be used for filming a party or social event.  The edited file will be uploaded to the Temple's website or even possibly put on
The file saved may have to be edited in the software so as to delete silences or blanks or place Notices.  Thus the file that is saved in the video camera has to be in a compatible format that can be edited in Pinnacle Studio 16.  

The talks run to about 1 to 2 hours and sometimes 3.  The file will be edited backstage when the event is over.  My budget is between $500 to $1,000, and hope the Experts can please make some suggestions from their experiences.  

Thank u
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Hi jegajothy
the areas I would look into is a tripad supported video camera, easy to hook up to a computer such as USB that way you can open the folder on the camera and copy the video exactly as is to your HDD for editing.
No capturing needed.
Deciding whether you need an external mic or just use the internal mic.
AC powered or Battery?
Battery would be out since an hours recording would drain it.
For long recording your video camera should support adding more memory.
I think Pinnacle is not a great tool to do everything you need, add into your video editing tools Windows Live Movie maker.
Windows 7 includes DVD maker.
What type of editing? Adding a menue scrolling text credits date and time?
WMM can also do this.
Do you have any photo editing tools so that you can make menus if needed from still shots?
Depending on which country your in makes it a little more difficult for me as I'm in Australia.
here's an excellent guide to get you started.
Then decide which camera is suitable then progress from there, it is a big decision these with so many choices.
this guide helps with what you want to do and provides suggestions for the types of video cameras for each task
Learn about the Best Cameras for Video Recording
What is the Best Camera for Video Recording 2012-13?
Hope it helps and happy hunting.


In response to Merete, thank u for the wealth of information.  I would need to study them in detail.  Thank u and wishing u a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013.


excllent suggestion to the site.
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Thankyou again and a pleasure to help, thankfully it was a good all in one link, when I was looking for a new video camera wish I had seen this myself  ;)
I ended up with a JVC that supported a tripod 20 gig HDD
I preferred the SD slot memory with ( internal HDD) over burning to a mini disc.
It saves as .MOD or .MOV
Has 9 hours of standard recording,4 hours using Ultra High recording.
Best Wishes with your videoing and editing jegajothy, if you get stuck you know where to come.
Regards Merete


In response to Merete, does the JVC also save in AVI mode, if Yes,  can u please let me know the model no of the unit u bought.  Thank u.
No jegajothy it only saves in the .MOV  
AVI is not a recommended format for any video camera in my opinion,  avi is a media container, it can include  many different video and audio codecs, such as divx, xvid, mjpeg,
propriety codec. The Audio Video Interleave, or AVI, file was developed by Microsoft.
Non-tape cameras store their video as computer files suitable for that camera.
Most 21st-century video cameras are digital cameras which convert the signal directly to a digital output for DVD

If AVI is a requirement, avoid Olympus, Casio, Kodak Easyshare, and Panasonic Lumix. Those four brands record video in QuickTime MOV format.
For your specific request, there are a number of brands that could work. Canon digital cameras record M-JPEG video in .AVI container format, including many great point-and-shoot cameras like their Digital Elph line and the Canon G9. Nikon Coolpix cameras shoot video in an .AVI format. FujiFinepix digital cameras shoot M-JPEG .AVI video. Samsung digital cameras record MPEG-4 video with a .AVI file extension.


In response to Merete, thank you for the education.  I am just starting out and want to make sure I do not stumble.  Thank u.
Thank you jegajothy,
happy to help anytime

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