How do I prevent smartphones using my guest network

I have two ssid for my wireless network running off a Cisco 2504. I have a business SSID and a guest SSID. How can i prevent smartphones from connecting to my guest SSID. I have the guest SSID secured with WEP and my business is WPA2. I dont want employees and guest using the guest SSID on their smartphones, but guest can use their tablets and laptops. I dont want VOIP on my wireless network?
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I don't think there's going to be an easy way to do that without being infinitely granular and blocking mac addresses.

It may be none of my business, but why would you care about smartphones using voip but not worry about tablets/laptops consuming your bandwidth with internet video?  VOIP typically uses less than 128kbps per connection stream while internet video can consume over 8mbps (8000kbps for perspective).
Jeffster is right... it's not going to be possible without administrative pains.

You could potentially create a captive portal for guest, and regularly update the username/password. This will still be a pain as I'm sure you would have to update on a weekly or daily basis as users will share the guest credentials. Alternately, only enable the guest SSID while guests are onsite, but if you always have guests onsite this isn't much of an option.
You could do it with MAC authentication with RADIUS but you would need to keep the computers that are authorized to your network up to date all the time.
miamitech305Author Commented:
Thank you, Im not worried movies because my firewall blocks that traffic.
You know, you can always block VOIP traffic at the firewall too.....
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