how to check network logs

Kindly tell me how to check network logs in Server like who is changing IP address, Who is adding routing, Interface Up / Down on server
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jjjosefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
open the event viewer and click on Windows Log (left side).

Select the log type (Application, Security etc) and do right click.

Attach task to this log
A dialog box will appears and Give a name and click twice and Send a Email and next Type here yours details like from, to , subject and comments and smtp server address and finally finish this.

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Sarang TinguriaConnect With a Mentor Sr EngineerCommented:
For Windows 2008/08 R2 server, if the IP Helper services is started, when we change the IP address it will generate a log located in system logs.
Example:Event ID 4200
 Source:  iphlpsvc

Refer below link for network down events

Apart from above there are some advance network monitoring software which you can use to get detailed reports

techgyanAuthor Commented:
I have to configure Email notification in particular Event ID, Is it possible?
gaurav2rawatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can do that for server 2008 and vista by following this article
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