Ubuntu File Server, Permission Problems !

I have a remote file server running Ubuntu 10.04 but really and (I mean REALLY) struggling in getting the permissions set correctly..

I have users A,B,C,D.
User A is in groups admin and lxusers.
Users B,C,D are in the group lxusers.

I have a root share called 'Shared Folder' currently owner root & group is admin.  I want users to be able to create sub folders and files inside 'Shared Folder'. The user that creates folders and files will be the owner and those folders and files they create will inherit the parents group of admin. I only want the owner & members of the admin group to be able to delete any of the folders or files created, I am happy enough for any of the lxusers group to read anything thats created by any user.

This so far appears to be working to a point, but I do have one problem that is causing me real grief. If any user in the lxusers group creates a folder then files inside that folder, other users can delete the files but not the folder.. Just can't work out where I have gone wrong, advice to resolve would be appreciated..

Entry in smb.conf:-

[Shared Folder]
      browseable = yes
      writeable = yes
      invalid users = root
      path = /mnt/raid/Shared
      comment = Shared folder for All Users
      valid users = @admin,@lxusers
        create mode = 0774
        directory mode = 0774
        force group = admin

Kind Regards

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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What are the permissions on the folder?
You are forcing the files to be created with the group admin
You should use setfacl to include.
Not you would need to periodically rerun the setfacl directive to attach to changed files.

Group permissions of 7 (rwx) on file creation.  What is it you want? Do you want files created to have permissions of 644?
You can have directory 0770 while create mode of 750?

You should create yet another test share and try to vary your settings.
mrmad1966Author Commented:
Arnold, thank for the help.

The result of ls -l on the Shared folder is:-
drwxrwsr-T 45 root admin    4096 2012-12-31 13:48 Shared

arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, getfacl Shared.

The group permission of 7 is what lets users delete files since any valid user runs with admin group membership.
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mrmad1966Author Commented:
Arnold, I have now installed acl. Here I post the output of getfacl Shared.
I have done as you suggested, setup a new share to play with. If I do not hear any more from you. Happy New Year .....
mrmad1966Author Commented:
Arnold, The new share I created to play with is called NewSharedFolder.
UserA (thats me) is a member of the admin group I can confirm I can access the folder just fine. Users B,C,D  do not now have access to the folder..

I post another result of getfacl for the NewSharedFolder..

Thank you
arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have a happy new year as well.

At this point the getfacl repors the default (chmod 775 for root:admin)
Make sure when you define this new share, do not force admin as the default group for access while including your valid users @admin,@lxusers

The groupIDof(group) needs to be replaced with the numeric value of the group based on /etc/group

setfacl -R -m g:groupIDof(lxusers):rwx NewSharedFolder

The above will add read/write/execute rights
-R means apply the change recursively.

You would need to schedule the rerunning of this on a regular basis to update rights.
mrmad1966Author Commented:
Thank you Arnold. I have implemented this but one problem, the lxuser group can now indeed write folders and files to this NewSharedFolder but there seems to be no sticky set ie any member of the lxusers group can delete any other users folder/files. I wish only the owner AND a member of the admin group be allowed to delete folders and files.

Sorry for the headache !
arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the lxuser group member needs only the ability to read, change the setfacl to read/execute only for this group
setfacl -R -m g:gid_lxusers:rx NewShareFolder

This way lxusers can read, but can not write nor delete.

Filesystem level restriction do not have the functionality you want, you need to look at document management system that will have the granular control I.e. will allow creation of files, but not deletion of other users files.
mrmad1966Author Commented:
Thanks... Need to go play now !
mrmad1966Author Commented:
Thank you
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