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Random windows in Windows 7 go white

I have a computer with 2 Gb RAM.  One of the the 1gb sticks went bad, so I replaced it.  I ran multiple cleaning aps to clean computer of malware/viruses.  BUt the computer still has windos that will open then go white and unresponsive and sometimes I cannot close them.   Sometimes if I hit the start button and the window opens for all programs, then it will go white and stay there until I shut the computer down (via power button).  When this happens I can still open other things like browser windows and they will work fine.  I also deleted all browsing history.  Any ideas?
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Normally when this happens, Windows is waiting for a response from an application, website or other resource it needs a completed process from.  With only two gigs of ram on a Win7 Pc, it sounds like you could initially use more ram. I would add ram and then retest the system. provide feedback on what you are trying to do when the white screen is encounterd so we have a better description of the problem.
Boot system in safe boot and run antivirus scan on the machine.

If still facing issue start machine with only Microsoft services (clean boot) then check.
Refer below article to start the machine clean boot.

After clean boot if you not face any problem then start third party service one by one then check which service will cause your system hangup.
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One thing you must take into consideration is the time it's taking you to clean the PC to do what you want versus the time it would take to just wipe everything do a clean install. Nothing beats a clean installation once you have multiple issues that include possible malware/viruses that may still be lurking even after multiple attempts to clean them out.
I would also check out your hardware.  The issues you are describing could easily be hard drive failure, bad memory stick, or bad memory slot.

Download and burn Memtest 86+.  This will test your memory.  Post results.

Also, please run a chkdsk.  Open up an elevated command prompt and type 'chkdsk C: /v /x /r'.  This will say the volume is in use and say it will need to run it after restart.  Select yes.  Reboot the computer and let it run.  This may take several hours.  After the test is done, go to Control Panel (small icons), Administrative Tools, Event Viewer.   Go to Windows Logs, Application.  Click on Filter Current Log on the right hand side.  Click in the box with <All Event IDs> in it.  Type in 1001.  Press OK.  Sort your list by date and time.  The latest event should be your chkdsk.  Please post the results.  Thank you.
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Here is the 1001 log.   Also I understand about more ram but this is so much slower and has issues within the last 2-3 weeks.
Sorry, I did not explain correctly.  That is not the Log I'm looking for. I believe with the 1001 it will also be Wininit. Also, it will say in first part of the log a Chkdsk Has Been Scheduled.
I have also run Chkdsk twice
There are no Winnt with 1001.   There are somw Winlog.   Ay ideas?
Okay, here is a great website to tell you exactly how to find the chkdsk log.

Also, run Hijackthis and upload the log.
I made a copy of the drive and re-installed everything.
@syssolut - Thank you and thanks for the update.  ... Thinkpads_User