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I have a small network that is having issue, with me allowing port forwarding to work properly this is the setup, COX cable coming into a Scientific Atlantic 2100 modem that is connected to an Airport Extreme and the device is connect to that.....  Now when I log into my Airport it tell me my WAN IP is and my router IP address is my deviceIP address is, if I look at my network settings on my mac it tell me the router address is ...... I setup port forwarding in the airport to using port 80 but cox cable has told me to use port 2000 instead for less traffic ?? with all this set I still can't get an connection inside of my network from outside ...... Any suggestions
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my Airport it tell me my WAN IP is and my router IP address is

This appears to be incorrect. Both IP's should be 70.174.25.x  Is this a typo? Or real?

With respect to your later statement, I would use port 80 and it that works, stick with it.

.... Thinkpads_User
netmask for ip is likely, that is ok that you gateway does not have the same first 3 octets of ip address.
AkinsdNetwork Administrator
How are you trying to access the network. My guess is through Remote Desktop. If that is the case the port will be 3389

Most routers have known ports configured for common applications to choose from

Clarify how you are trying to access the network
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Yes you need to tell us what you are trying to do.  Remote Desktop, HTTP, HTTPS, ETC?

Port 80 is for a unsecure web service which many ISPs block for residential services.  Although you can get around it by changing the port number in the web server.


I found the problem thanks for your help

Thanks for the points
Can you share the resolution?

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