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I have a client who is going to have his home office to connect to the corporate network for mainly move his extension to his home office.  The main reason for the site to site.  He has a verizon FIOS home DHCP service on a Verizon router with a Sonicwall tz105 and fixed IP on the corporate side with a static DSL bridged mode to a Sonicwall 100.

For this one, how do I get the home side configured behind the Verizon router?  I was thinking I put the Sonicwall in a DMZ, then connect the computer and phone as a hardwire to the Sonicwall, but am not familiar with the Verizon router and if it even has those kinds of options.

Then I want to use the firewall name as the identifier correct?  Since the WAN IP will change from time to time...

Anyone have input or have done this sort of setup before?
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Verizon router supports a single computer in a DMZ...

DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) Host
The DMZ host feature allows one device on the network to operate outside the firewall. Designate a DMZ host:
• To use an Internet service, such as an online game or video-conferencing program, not present in the Port Forwarding list and for which no port range information is available.
• To expose one computer to all services without restriction or security.
Warning: A DMZ host is not protected by the firewall and may be vulnerable to attack. Designating a DMZ host may also put other computers in the local network at risk. When designating a DMZ host, consider the security implications and protect it if necessary.

If the phone is VOIP, can you have your phone vendor reprogram the phone to go over the internet and allow the traffic through your corporate firewall.  I have a friend who's in Arizona (Long Distance Telecommute) who has his corporate VOIP phone go over the internet (no VPN) back to CT so he can have his old extension.  A VPN is easier since you don't have to change the phone.  Just thought I'd mention it.
Just to clarify are you saying they are using the verizon router and a sonicwall in line?  Why not take the verizon box out of the picture?  FIOS can give you an ethernet plug rather than the coax if that is the current issue.  If you don't want to mess with that then just log into the FIOS router and do a port forward on 1723 or whatever port you are using for your VPN connection then all will be good.

I would register with dyndns and input those settings into the verizon router so everytime the IP changes it will update the dyndns and then just use FQDN for the vpn.


I will talk to phone vendor to see if our system can do that.

Wrw- yes, I normally just put the verizon router into  bridge mode and leave it as that, but the DHCP function doesn't seem to work and the sonicwall never gets an IP address.  This is both in line and without the router.

As for dynamic dns....  I forgot about that...  let me check that out...
Oliver TANGIRINetwork Engineer
I think Fizicist and Wrwiii12  already nailed it.
I have more than a dozen clients setup via Sonicwall Site-to-site vpn between their home corporate offices.
a) What I would do is get the dyndns on the verizon router/modem.
b) I leave the verizon router on the default of verizon techs are fun of calling customers and having them reset the thing by pushing the while my customers know not to reset without talking to me, I always make sure my setup is prepared for it anyway)
c) I make sure my Sonicwall is in any other network other than (i) The Verizon router network and (ii) the Corporate network - I know (ii) is VPN-101 but thought I should throw that in there in any case.
d) I place my  my router's WAN IP(which is an IP on Verion's LAN) on the verizon's DMZ - For example, I could pick
e) From this stage, everything else is straight forward. Just reference the home router via the FQDN and pretend as though the Verizon router does not exist at at all since it is passing everything to the sonicwall.
f) I forgot to mention that I don't discourage myself from taking the verzion router of of the picture completely becuase I don't want the cable guy coming over to troubleshoot the DVR systems and setup boxes and have to involve me. Let him just deal with their LAN....which is my WAN.

Hope this throws my light. Again I have NOT said anything that Fizicist and Wrwiii12 didn't already cover in their comments.


Sorry forgot to get back to you guys.  The DMZ worked idea worked well in combination to DynDNS.  Registered it, gave it a half day, then set up the site to site, and it connected as usual.  

The Phone can't be done in the manner which Fiz had mentioned because it doesn't handle that kind of dialing or something to that effect.  The phone vendor told me we would need some other kind of system/card/interface that was anther grand.

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