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AIX 6.1 Install using Tape Backup

I need to install Aix6.1 on a backup server for our enviroment but need to run the install so the DVD media references a tapes backup of our production server which has all of the customization needed in place. I have never done this before and have the following questions.

1) I ready have a backup of the production server using a Tivilo Sysback backup. When I boot from the DVD what options to I select so the install references the tape?

2) I have note configured any of the hard drives (i.e: setup softare mirroring etc..) When I run the install from tape will the hard drives be setup the same software raid configuration as the production server automatically?

Any other tips I should be aware of???
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Thanks for the reply...

If I'm understanding you correctly I take my sysback tape place it in my AIX server power it on and it will boot and retore from tape automatically just like that....

Will my hard drive be setup in the same software raid config as the source server?

Happy New Year!!!
Will my hard drive?

rootvg will be on first hard disk if it fits there.
My backup server is an exact clone hardware wise as the production server. The rootvg is on one hard drive which is mirrored accross three hard drives. After the tape install run will my backup server automatically have the rootvg in a three disk mirror as the source?
"Backup server" is not a good term to use in this situation as I understand you are going to kill backup server (one holding backup tapes and spare copy of data) booting it from install tape in 5 minutes.

sysback is of rootvg. for other VGs you need to restore other backups.
The "tool" I use is mksysb (see "man mksysb" on a terminal close to you, or use google...) to create the system backaup image of the rootvg. What I'd do then is to boot from the service processor/tps/whatever you may call it into a tape recovery ... The tape itself is bootable, but you may need apply some keystrokes to get it going (all this is in the HW manuals for your model).
What this will install is the rootvg, as is. Since you can make a system backup image to a DVD (if you have a DVD-writer onboard), one can agrue that this is the method for creating your install media;-):-)
Anyway, you may choose to restare the rootvg as a "verbatim" copy. Please note that it will NOT contain all user created filesystems! You need specify that to the mksysb on the source system!!!
In my case, I use EMC Networker, I need add the /nsr (dev/nsrlv) filesystem, so that the Networker restore of the other filesystems can proceed easily (nsrlv contain the client and media databases for Networker)... I would presume that TSM is similar, storing some media/client information on a separate volume.
What I'd do is just try making a tape via the command line or via smitty, on the source... You'll see what filesystems/volumes get included or not;-). once you're happy with that, do the restore/install... Worst case, you'll have to redo it.
And as long as the system you are restoring it to/installing isn't the source system... there really is no harm possible;-).
Other volume groups, use normal TSM restore mechanisms, one the base system is up.
You may need reconfigure the AIX mirroring of your rootvg, don't remember if that is "carried over" in the restore case (don't think so, but it's been a few years since last I played with this).

-- Glenn
Thanks for the feedback everyone..

This is the first time I've tried to boot / install a AIX server from tape so please bare with me.

1) I had someone insert the sysback tape into the remote server at another site.
2) I connect to the remote console for the server and set the SMS boot sequence to tape the rebooted the server. The server keeps saying "No OS Found"?

I know I'm probably missing something very simple here.
I found one problem the person at my remove site did not push in the tape all the way!!!! :-) Anyway, I set the SMS menu to boot from tape then after an hour the screen changes asking me to input my terminal type? I rebooted again into SMS and select one of the hard drive as the first boot device now my screen is hanging at "Starting software please wait" for the past 35 minutes..

Like I mention before I never did a boot install from tape before and have no idea if the tape actually restored anything.. :-(
I have been doing a lot of research and what to run my findings by everyone.

1) If I'm reading the following document correctly: if I want to install clone a AIX 6.1 using a tape, that backup image on tape must be a mksysb and not SYSBACK... correct???

2) On my source server all of the custom file systems reside under my rootvg volume so after I install AIX 6.1 from tape I would then use my sysback tape to restore these volumes?

3) What is the difference between mksysb and sysback

4) I have IBM Tiviol install on my source server how can I create a mksysb backup

5) My remote server has been hanging on the following screen for hours now: "Starting Software Please Wait..." and the line Eslapes time since processor released:...

I cannot break out of this screen to reboot the server!!!

OK, in AIX 6.1 I went into smit and figured out how to do a mksysb backup.

The backup ran for about a hour then stop with a message similr to /dev/null invaild input size or something similar to the effect.

I type in the command lsvgbackup -Vf /devrmt0 and is is alway to read the hearder information..

Does this mean I have a valid mksysb backup????
Just as an update I ran the mksysb backup again and it finished without any errors. I guess my next step is to reboot my remote Rs6000 with the mksysb tape correct? Do I need the AIX 6.1 media at all? ALso, since all of my custom filesystems resides on my rootvg will the mksysb restore them as well?
None of RS/6000 servers (approx until 2000) can run AIX 6.1
Your use of AIX terms is burdening. It is always nice to be around the system when reinstalling.
Here is what I have done.

1) Booted the server from the AIX 6.1 DVD and selected the option to install from System backup.

2) With the tape in the server the install kicked off and ran for a long period of time. Please note, I only ahve one VG which is the rootvg which only has 5 small filesystems that I created.

3) Right now the server has been sitting at the same screen for the past 24 hours and I have no idea if the install finished and is not responding to any keyboard commands. I have attached a screen shot of what I'm looking at on screen.

I'm new to AIX so please bare with me and trying my best to get this server setup ASAP!!

Thank you in advance for your help!!!!!!