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How do I setup SNMP when vlan 1 does not route?

I have 3 building with fiber connection between buildings:

Building 1                  
PowerConnect 6224F
{PowerConnect switches}

Building 2                  
PowerConnect 8024F
{PowerConnect switches}

Building 3
PowerConnect 6224F
{PowerConnect switches}

In all three buildings I have many VLAN’s with only 3 going between all building (SonicWall wireless).
I have VLAN1 removed between all buildings.
Each PowerConnect has an IP address that can ping the “core” switch in the same building. However, because VLAN1 does not route, I cannot ping any other switches in the network.  My thought was to create another VLAN for management and have that VLAN go through all switches (like the SonicWall), and talk to the SNMP, but the problem I would face is how to reach that computer from the network?
I have not implemented SNMP on any of the switches.  Am I missing something?
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native vlan needs to be specified in trunk ports.