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exchange server setup PE 840 SBS 2003 R2 advice needed


I have a client that did not want to pay for a new server with Exchange. I have procurred an PE 840 and SBS 2003 R2 for the client and have installed all service packs and updates for both R2 and Exchange.

Years ago, I did install the same configuration for a different client with pop 3 connector and ran into a headache after headache with the Exchange server config. Blacklists for pop3 connector plagued hours of troubleshooting.

Can you give me some insight as to how I can set up Exchange to not have these issues? NIC advice, POP3 advice, Outlook advice? Other?

Thank you in advance,

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personally I like to avoid the POP connector - have a fixed IP address and point port 25 from the router to the server, and set the domain MX record to point to your fixed Ip.

If exchange is installed cleanly with all service packs etc then you should be OK.
Also make sure you do the registry update to allow the exchange database to be bigger than the default 16Gb.
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I agree 100% about pop connector. I had the past customer complain that the server name propegated with every email sent, etc etc...

I have one nic installed and should probably install a second and give the network address to it as you suggested. I need to investigate further on web services for email from client. They do not have a web site, however, do have email from someone - not their ISP.

Any further suggestions wolf?
PE 840 is in great shape. New hard drives. no raid though. 2 500 gb hard drives. PRimary is partition as per suggested by MS. Excahnge loated on D: as well as tools and fax. I appreciate all suggestions you may have.
one nic is ok, and in some respects makes it easier to upgrade in the future.
two nics is useful if you want to install ISA, or make the server act as a firewall between clients and the internet.

The server name is issue is resolved by making sure the internet name is set as the primary/default name for all users.
Also, pop3 gave headache of blacklist because of 1 nic....    .local problem
under sbs user email addresses properties?
the only problems I ever had with the pop connector is the delay in getting mail due to the connector having a minimum time of 15mins, but for internal email things are instant.

If you configured sbs and entered your external domain name at the appropriate stage then exchange will have that as the default.

1 nic should not cause a problem - I think in many respects you should just deal with the problems as they arise.  A clean install, and all updates should work a treat.
with dell server administrator with sbs disks, I cannot remember being asked for external domain. I did not put a .com address anywhere when asked for this, Will this be an issue?

I hate to ask such rookie questions, my forte is WAN/LAN router and hardware issues. I am a bit on the weak side with server email. I fully understand AD, DNS, and IP but how servers handle SMTP/ISP is not one I am proficient at.

I do understand that SBS when initially setup, propagates info in the nooks and crannies of the OS and can, if not properly set up, can disturb one's life
unjustified spam filtering and blacklist are what I do not want to deal with, The 15 minute thing sucks too.

If I install a second nic and give it a static IP address from Comcast (ISP provider) and have a .com Email provider with proper MX records, do you think this is the best way to elleviate the connector issues?
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Good job wolf. you are indeed a sage, I will handle the problems as they arise.