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I'm relatively new to project management - I work in the Infrastructure team for a large company, and we often have multiple, complex projects going on (for instance Exchange migration to 2010 etc).

We don't seem to use any sort of methodology  which means things get overlooked, underplanned etc.

I've heard SCRUM is one of the best to use, does anyone recommend any free tools that can help with this?
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EirmanChief Operations Manager

There is a very useful list of free software here (non-scrum).
with open workbench topping the list and ToDoList being a simple to use option. Be sure to read the comments at the bottom of the page.

This is also worth looking at
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Here is a great resource to learn about Scrum and agile methodology

and the best tool is (open source and free)

Here are great free scrum tools:

and another one (but requires payment)

Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing software projects and product or application development. Scrum focuses on project management institutions where it is difficult to plan ahead.

Good luck, it is the best way to go into project development especially if you are in the software development field.


Thanks ScrumDo looks great.

I had a couple of extra questions if that's ok:

i. Do I need to learn SCRUM before looking into ScrumDO, or is the software pretty self intuitive?

ii. I don't work in Software Development per se, but Infrastructure. The projects we carry out are still large, e.g. data center migrations etc....would this still work? I assume the TYPE of project is not that relevant?

iii. I've also heard of Prince2 and also TOGAF etc. How does AGILE fit into all this?
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Ok, here goes...
- I believe that it is better to read a little about SCRUM and agile development before diving in the tool, however you can skip reading about SCRUM
- the tool is pretty much a standard open source program that comes with a lot of documentation itself, so you might as well start using it to see if it fits your needs.  You can also try some of the other tools mentioned in the article I've send you
- No problem that you dont work with software development, this would still work - The big difference between software projects and infrastructure is lead time. For example if you need to build a new datacenter it might take years. Even something as simple as ordering disk drives can be delayed due to weather conditions and has to be accounted for.  I discovered a great little paper on this from someone who has actually applied it @  It could give you some insight.
- As far as I know in PRINCE2, there is emphasis on the business case being continually evaluated to ensure the outcome is still desirable. PRINCE2 is also very process oriented – as evidenced by the 7 processes. It cannot therefore accept the first principle of agile development. Not really sure how these would fit.  

Hope these comments help you.
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Hope you have found the answer you were looking for.

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