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When using my htc incredible phone, when i try to go to my sharepoint site, I get a grey screen and no login. Even if this device is not supported by Sharepoint, it is supposed to revert to the regular layout instead of the mobile one. This is an outward facing site. External users are entered into AD. I'm using windows authentication and on regular computers outside the network everything works fine but mobile phones do not. Is basic authentication required? If so, how do I set it up for basic authentication for mobile users and why would windows auth work on a regular external computer but not a mobile phone?? Thanks.

The site is The mobile address is

If you go there, hopefully you will see what I'm talking about when you try it with a laptop and a mobile phone
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Please configure and follow below mentioned post, which discribes in details about make the sharepoint site ready for mobile viewing:

Configure SharePoint Server 2010 for Mobile Device Access


OK, read the article, knew alot of it already. So it seems as though I must use basic authentication rather than windows. Enabled basic authentication is IIS and kept windows authentication enabled as well. I don't think my htc incredible mobile phone is the issue, even though I'm not sure that OS is supported by Sharepoint as per your linked article. When I type in, it seems to be able to read that this is a mobile device because it correctly redirects to But I'm still getting a blank screen. Somehow, it doesn't seem to be able to load the logon screen. I still don't understand why a regular, non mobile mac external to the network with a browser can show a login screen, with windows auth, but a mobile devices cannot. i thought a browser is a browser and that any browser should be able to show a logon screen.

Is it possible that since I'm using basic auth, that I have to create the login screen myself?

Also note, this is an external facing SP site, and it is strictly for dev/training purposes, so i don't care about ssl at this moment, i just need to create a quick demo of an external SP site for someone.
You logic for the statement that a browser is a browser which should not be affected or independent of device is somewhat not correct.

If you Google around, you will find that providers of browser releases different versions of mobile browser as it has different advantages and limitation in term of normal browser.

Regarding your question to create a separate login screen for your mobile device, I will recommend to make your existing site compatible with mobile browsers as we will find it lot easier to perform.

Please let me know if you have other queries.
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Thanks for your response. Yes, of course I want to make my existing site compatible with mobile browsers. I've done the things in that article and have enabled basic authentication and it still doesn't work. It recognizes that a mobile device is accessing it because it redirects from to, which it is supposed to do. So it seems to recognize it's a mobile phone. If it were an incompatible mobile phone, then the regular, non mobile version of the website would show up. But I can't even get a login screen. So the question isn't whether I think I need to make it compatible or not, the question is how to do it and why it's not working with basic authentication enabled. Sorry I didn't make my question more clear.
Did you manage to get an answer for your query?


Hi yagyashree, from my last post above yours

"So the question isn't whether I think I need to make it compatible or not, the question is how to do it and why it's not working with basic authentication enabled. Sorry I didn't make my question more clear."

So I guess the answer is that basic authentication does not work with an HTC incredible Droid?

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