Citrix hdx engine crashed

Rahul Patil
Rahul Patil used Ask the Experts™

Users are getting  "citrix HDX engine crashed error while launching the application" Recreating ICA-TCP listner sometimes resolves the issue but it appears again.Cna you please advise?

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Try to delete the auto created printer and check. Also if possible update Receiver for Windows 3.4 you can download the client
Tony JohncockLead Technical Architect

Are the Citrix servers patched to the latest level, including any rollups?

Are there are any event log entries at the time of the crash?

What versions are in use?

Is it consistent across all users or specific ones? What are they doing at the time?



Citrix rollup pack PSE450W2K3R07 has been installed

Nothing specific entry related to this error

Citrix version-Citrix xenapp 6.0

Error is for all there are multiple users not sure what they exactly doing at the same time
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Tony JohncockLead Technical Architect
But that HF is for XenApp 5.0 downwards yet you say you're running XenApp 6.0

At the first stage, I would update to ensure you have the relevant, and up to date, XA 6.0 Hotfixes on.
Ayman BakrSenior Consultant

As Tony1044 said, you need to ensure you have the latest relevant hotfixes for XenApp 6.0.

If you did this and yet you still face the HDX crashing issue, then try disabling the client side HDX flash to see how it goes, as follows:

In the following registry key from the client side
disable UserEnabledFlash by changing its value to 0.

If this resolves your issue, then you need to know that the client side Flash is conflicting with the server side Flash and causing the issue. However, this should be considered as a temporary work around. I would suggest to test with the latest Citrix plugin to see whether this would resolve the Flash conflict issue.
Top Expert 2010

Did you also check with a user account with admin privileges on the server? So any permission related issues can be vetted out.

Finally I figured it out.There were two issues

1)Patches were not upto date
2)After installing latest patches the problem reappeared once but deleting wdica values in registry fixed the issue as beow:

1. Run Regedit.

2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services.

3. Create a key named WDICA.

4. Manually add the following values:

ErrorControl: REG_DWORD : 0
Start: REG_DWORD : 0x3
Type: REG_DWORD : 0x1

5. Reboot the server.

6. After the reboot, a subkey named Enum will be created with the following values.

0 : REG_SZ : Root\LEGACY_WDICA\0000
Count : REG_DWORD : 0x1
NextInstance : REG_DWORD : 0x1

7. Make a Custom ICA Connection to the server’s IP address. It should connect successfully.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, check for the existence of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\Root\LEGACY_WDICA and its subkeys. You may need to add permissions to this key in order to save and restore the key from a working server. When this key is manually deleted and the server is rebooted, the key should regenerate itself.

If the key does not automatically regenerate itself, you can restore a copy of this key from a known good server or manually create the entries. When replacing this key with a copy of the key from another server it is necessary to navigate to the following location:


Delete the data of the following value located within the above referenced key and then reboot the server:


Upon reboot the data should repopulate.

Also recreating ica listener is temporary workaround for the same.

Tony JohncockLead Technical Architect

Personally I feel that the OP pointed out that the resolution came in two parts: update to latest hotfixes and implement a registry key change;

Mutawadi agreed with me in his post that the latest hotfixes should be put on and did point out a registry key but it wasn't the one in the final fix.

Either the question should be closed and refunded or I should get points for pointing the OP in the right direction.
Ayman BakrSenior Consultant

Unless the author comes back with his comments and reasons, I recommend that:
1. http:#a38799169 accepted as the solution
2. http:#a38807905 should receive a split as an assisted solution
3. http:#a38737533 should receive a split as an assisted solution
Tony JohncockLead Technical Architect

I'd agree with Mutawadi re the split.

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