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Folder redirection in windows 7


This might be a question already answered but I havent been able to find a clear answer.

In an Windows 2008 R2 (the fileserver) client/server environment with Windows 7 Pro (the clients) we have an \\server\users$ share with an home folder for each user (about 60 pcs + 80 users).

The problem:
It seems this is a known issue. When a first user logs on to a pc with his roaming profile and folder redirection (by GPO) this works fine. Redirecting Documents works fine pointing towards the home drive and \documents. When a second user logs on to the same pc with his roaming profile folder redirection does not work.

This supposedly is because the folder redirection cache or something.

Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this?

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Is the first user still logged-on when the second user logs-in?
The AppData/Roaming (previously Application Data in earlier Windows operating systems) folder in Windows Vista now contains several folders that were previously under the root folder of the User Profile folder in earlier Windows operating systems. For example, in earlier Windows operating systems, the Start Menu folder was not under the Application Data folder. It might not make sense to redirect all the folders under Application Data when you enable the Also apply redirection policy to Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 operating systems setting. Therefore, if you choose this setting, Windows 7 and Windows Vista do not redirect the following folders automatically: Start Menu, Network Shortcuts, Printer Shortcuts, Templates, Cookies, Sent To. If you do not choose this setting, Windows 7 and Windows Vista automatically redirect all folders under the Application Data folder.


Folder Redirection Overview
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no the first user logsoff perfect, next logs on and this behaviour occurs. have read about this and it feels theres no supported solution.

thankful for any tips. yagashree, i did not really get what your suggestion is? we redirect all folders for a full roaming experience (customers demand).
roaming works perfect except this problem.

Could this be a permissions problem? Just a thought, though it works in the first case.

Security on the share -

Domain Users - Traverse folder / execute file (This folder only)
Domain Users - List folder / read data (This folder only)
Domain Users - Read attributes (This folder only)
Domain Users - Read extended attributes (This folder only)
Domain Users - Read permissions (This folder only)
System - Full Control (This Folder, Subfolders and Files)
Domain Admins - Full Control (This Folder, Subfolders and Files)CREATOR OWNER - Full Control (Subfolders and Files Only)
well anythings possible. if we try in oppsite order, the same happens. its always the first user that works, second logs in fine but redirecting folders doesnt happen.
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Will check and get back, seems interesting and worth testing everything.
I tried applying which seemes spot on, but this did not help. Applied it to both server and client.
Now I also applied this, and it work:)?! wow, theres some strange things with Win 7.

Will try in broader production and get back.
Glad to hear of some progress. My experience with Windows 7 and folder redirection has not been straight forward.

This seemed to work. By applying both these hotfixes in combination on a Win 7 x64 Pro machine it started to work. If this will be the case on all future machines is impossible to know, but at least we are moving forward.

I alsu presume that Microsoft will include all these hotfixes in a future Win 7 service pack.