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VBscript to generate the report of Missing patches on servers

Hello Team,

could you please help me out with the VBscript that will generate the report of pending patch information from the servers listed in textpad remotely.
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Sarang Tinguria
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You may download MBSA as per your OS version
Refer below link

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.2 (for IT Professionals)
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Thanks for your response. This process I already knew it but I am looking for Vbscript to automate the task. any suggestion.
Here is the web site with a few examples for script options with MBSA for generating reports.
Why don't you use widely used solution such as WSUS ..You may control things more efficiently with this and would get a good quality and hassle free reporting system
User MBSA as all stated above.
Thanks for your response but using the script in menionted in above link we can pull the pending patch information from local machine any other way we can pull the report of all the servers remotely. Like we can mention all the servers name in text & script can take this as input variable.
Thanks I executed the script & it wokes fine but this script give you the patch information which is installed on the machine. my requirement is to identify the patch which is require to be install (only security patch). can we modify this script to generate the report of pending patch.
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Prashant Girennavar
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