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Receiving Error When Attempting to Add User | SBS 2011

Hello All-

On a clients system when I went to create a user, I received two cryptic errors within the SBS console (Unexpected Error & MessageManagement).

When I dug down into the adduser log, I came across this error:

Connecting to remote server servername failed with the following error message : The WinRM client cannot process the request. The WinRM client tried to use Negotiate authentication mechanism, but the destination computer (SERVERNAME:80) returned an 'access denied' error. Change the configuration to allow Negotiate authentication mechanism to be used or specify one of the authentication mechanisms supported by the server. To use Kerberos, specify the local computer name as the remote destination. Also verify that the client computer and the destination computer are joined to a domain. To use Basic, specify the local computer name as the remote destination, specify Basic authentication and provide user name and password. Possible authentication mechanisms reported by server: For more information, see the about_Remote_Troubleshooting Help topic.

I did some searching online and came across two articles that were not much help as all checked out on this server.

This error does not seem to be affecting anything except the creation of users in the SBS console, when it gets to the creation of the exchange account. Nothing to my knowledge has changed on the server, with the exception of a few group policies and group membership changes.

System is SBS 2011, all up-to-date.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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If you use ADUC to create a user is all good then?
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No problems on that front. It seems to me that it is an issue with the scripts that are running to do a whole slew of things in the SBS console (creating user, adding mail account, etc.)

Let me know if you have any other thoughts?

What account is being used on the IIS front?
Are you doing it from the Server or from a client machine when you run the Web Console?

SBS plays a bit differently, and does most of this through it's backend.

Also, the SBS console is an application on SBS servers and it is being done on the server itself on the built-in Administrator account.

If I am correct the console is running IIS ?

The SBS console is it's own application. It has some ties to IIS, but the console itself does not run IIS.

Here's what I'd recommend,

Create a user using normal ADUC, attach it to a mailbox using EMC - if this works - then SBS Console is to be blamed.

Second part

Create a user using normal ADUC, attach it to a mailbox using SBS console (Don't have the console handy with me right now) - see if this works, if this works - possibly the AD Account creation in SBS Console is going cranky.


I am certain that it is the SBS console throwing the errors.

I added a normal user in the ADUC and attached a mailbox using EMC and it worked without a problem.

It seems to be the link or connection between the console and exchange that is causing the issue. It runs a whole slew of powershell commands when creating a user, and I am not entirely sure why this all of sudden came up.


Please check for underlaying issues using the BPA.
You need at least version 1.3
Download and install this first:
Hope that helps,

Both of those were previously installed and ran.

I re-ran the BPA and it came back with no significant issues. Should it be displaying anything more than just the ping information and the version of the server, if there is nothing wrong?

Is OWA working happily?

Are all of your IIS Websites started?

Is your SharePoint site listening on Port 80 and stopping the Default Web Site from starting?

Yes, OWA and RWW are functioning properly.

All IIS sites are started and sharepoint is on a separate port.

If you only get ping info running the BPA you are running version 1.
You need version 1.3
Download the following and choose repair.
2nd file: WSSG-KB2699813-X64-ENU.msp
Run BPA again.
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I have just run into this problem as well
Didn't get as far as looking in the log file, just did an iisreset which seemed to sort it
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Excellent - great news.

I have the same problem on an SBS 2011 Server.
How to uninstall the patch? If I search for KB2506143 there is none. However, there was an update for Windows Server 2008 R2 (KB 2779562) that contained PS 3.0.

When adding users in the SBS Server Console there is an error when it crates the mailbox. It must be done manually.

In the 'Control Panel' | 'Programs and Features', on the left tree you will see 'View Installed Updates', from there you can see all the updates that have been applied to this server. From there, you can uninstall the update that seems to be causing this issue.

Because this question is close, I would recommend that you open a new question if my answer above does not resolve your issue.

Hope this helps.

Run the sbs 2011 bpa.
Hope that helps,