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Cisco Access-List Samples for Practice

Hello Experts,

I would to practice configuring ACL's. Can someone please provide links to where I might find sample ACL's that I could emulate in my practice lab.

Alternatively, recommend a book which has many examples.


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These labs include a few different acl scenarios. Once you understand acl's, try more of the oddball acl's to get a better understanding.

Example of an oddball... Create a single line acl to permit IP's,,, and This acl should not allow any other IPs.
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Rauenpc thanks for responding. I have just left that site and completed the extended acces list sample. I would like a few more sites/samples/books like that...
I don't have anything else... But can you answer my oddball acl?
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Shamelessly promoting my blog with some nice real life config examples:   :)

Experts, thanks for responding.

Ernie/Sandeep, I have those resources.

thpipfh, the link doesn't work.

Tim, I couldn't find any ACL examples ... or was I looking in the wrong place.

Are you sure thpipfh's link isn't working? It's working fine with me.
Hi erniebeek,

The link is working fine. I just didn't see any ACL examples.
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Ernie Beek
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Now that's more like it :-)

Cheers mate.
My pleasure mate :D
Cheers mate