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Problem in viewing site in IE.

Hi Experts,

I am working on a web site. It is developed using php.

The Link for the website is as under:

The site appears properly in Firefox, Google Chrome...

But not appears properly in IE.

Pls. Help me to sort out the problem.

- Deepak Lakkad
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Scott Fell
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also your quicksand js is messed up.  It looks like you may have tried to comment something out and commented too much out.  Try a clean version or edit the portion you changed.
An extra hint,   it displays fine in IE10,  it does show wacked in IE9
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Thanks for the reply ...

I am working on your suggestion ...


Thanks for comment, I haven't check it in IE10
Older versions of IE do not like anything before the DOCTYPE including comments like you have.
You dont need it working in old ie as M$ is updating ie silently to the latest version so they dont need to support the old version
??  Windows XP will never have any version of IE newer than IE8.  IE9+ simply won't run on XP.  And there is a Lot of Win XP out there still.  And there are companies who mandate older versions so if they are your customer, you need to adapt to them too.
i second what DaveBaldwin stated,

XP will be around awhile longer.   I think the minimum browser to develop back to would be IE8.   According to w3schools stats,  20.8% are still using XP.