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On standard Cisco hardware I can send a trap using "snmp-server enable trap config" and it sends a number of traps with different entries status's and I am using CISCO-CONFIG-MAN-MIB:ccmHistoryEventConfigDestination is equal to 4 (being a change to start up config), but for Nexus when I use the same SNMP command the only trap it sends is a CISCO-CONFIG-MAN-MIB:ciscoConfigManMIBNotifications.2 which appears to be everytime a command is submitted. There only seems to be one option for snmp config traps "snmp-server enable traps config ccmCLIRunningConfigChanged" even though the syntax says "CLI Running/Startup config change trap", but it only picks up when the running config changes.

The aim of this is because I need to be able to capture a copy of the config everytime the start-up config is changed for realtime detection of changes as part of PCI audits. I have got this working fine for everyone of my Cisco devices bar the Nexus.
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Don JohnstonConnect With a Mentor InstructorCommented:
There are a lot of things that SNMP can't do on the Nexus platforms. Cisco is... recommending that DCNM be used instead. This could be just one more of the many things that aren't supported on the Nexus with SNMP.
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