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Installed new Hard Drive on HP, system recovery disks not working

i have an HP Pavillon dv6 laptop, the hard drive failed 3 months after the warranty expired ( go figure ). i ordered a new hard drive, same size but this one is a western digital.

I installed the new hard drive and inserted the HP system recovery disks from HP and im receiving the following error:

"this computer is not supported by the system recovery media, you will not be able to recover this system with these media"

error code: 0100-358d-1448-1449-144a-144b-144c-147c-149c

any suggestions?
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Steve Smith
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have you tried running a live cd or operating system installation cd so you can test the disk ?

might be worth contacting HP and requesting new recovery media
When you boot the computer does your system recognize the new hard drive?

Hit f2 to go into system diag and check the hard drive tests
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yes, ive ran some hard drive test with my ultimate boot cd as well as the on board diagnostics. all tests failed.

contact HP?... i might as well talk to the wall....
Yes maybe the drive is not compatable with you laptop.

I would contact HP and see if it it if not get them to give you a part number that will work.

When you install a new drive always run diags to make sure drive is there.
ok, so just for grins i installed windows 7 pro from a dell OS disk i have laying around. everything installed fine. i thought maybe it would work if the drive was formatted in NTFS and had some type of bootable OS on it.

so apparently the computer recognizes the hard drive.
guess ill have to call Microsoft and do the whole product key tango.
If you got windows 7 to install on it then I would go with that.

Check the Device Manager to see if all components are installed.

If they are you are good to go.

If not then some searching for the correct drivers is needed.

Hopefully all the coments installed when windows 7 installed.
From my experience I've generally found the online chat with HP will usually work, although you will probably need to plan lots of your time...

Normally when the recovery media won't work the reason is that the BIOS of the PC doesn't match the requirements of the media. You may have to try upgrading/downgrading the BIOS until it works.
or contact hp as per my original post which will resolve your issue -
r.e. "...  guess ill have to call Microsoft and do the whole product key tango. "  ==> Not clear that will be a successful dance :-)      A Dell OS disk is "BIOS-locked" ... i.e. it's expecting to "see" a Dell BIOS, with no need for online activation.     An HP install disk would work the same way for HP systems.     From Microsoft's perspective, you've installed an OEM disk on a system other than the one it was delivered for -- unless you happen to get a very sympathetic rep in a very generous moment, it's unlikely Microsoft will activate this for you.

You either need to contact HP to get new recovery media (as suggested above), or get a valid OS disk you can use on this system.
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Thanks you all for your responses. Ill contact HP via chat and see what bios i should try upgrading / downgrading to make the recovery disks work.

Ill use the Windows 7 ISO for a plan b if thing don't seem to be working out with HP.

ill update this thread after i get the disks working.

sorry for taking so long to update this. after some reading, i found that by re-flashing the bios with a bios that matches the recovery disks will make the recovery disks work without getting the error - however i didnt want to take the risk of something going wrong and the laptop becoming a paperweight.

so, i happened to find my windows 7 Pro OEM disk and just loaded that onto the new hard drive then activated windows with the product code from the bottom of the laptop. all that unnecessary software from HP is gone and everything is working top notch.

of course i had to download all the drivers from HP.

thanks everyone!