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RAID 1 software mirror

I have issues setting up a RAID 1 mirror through Disk Manager, as a software RAID to have fault tolerance, along with my present windows server backups.

I have two Seagate 1 TB drives, the only difference is that one is a model 524, and the other is a 528.

Both are not advanced format, otherwise it would dis-allow.

When I go to mirror the primary disk (disk 0) which containes the volumes: System Reserved, and C: , it will SUCCESSFULLY mirror the System Reserved (shows healthy), and when mirroring the C: volume, it will show "Resynching".

The new drive (disk 1) will have a yellow exlamation as well.

I have to refresh from time to time to monitor the progress, but takes a while. I will usually come back to it, and it will show: "Failed Redundancy" each time. I am unsure what could be the issue. Both drives are plugged in straight to the mobo sata slot 1 and 2, so no other H/W, or the like. Both drives have write caching disabled.

The C: volume is around 931 GB. I downloaded Seatools, ran a error check on both, SMART on both, and DST on both and came out perfect. No fragmentation.

I am out of ideas? Is this an issue with server 2012 perhaps?
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both have to be dynamic discs then raid1 and then wait for sync. 931 GB can take many hours. more than 24. see the event viewer and system event log there will be more info about the issue
Tried storage spaces as an alternative?

You really should mention whether the duplication process started correctly by transforming both drives to dynamic drives or not.
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Both drives are dynamic and no issues reported when converted.

The main drive I am mirroring (disk 0) is the operating system drive with server 2012.

Storage Spaces does not support  boot, system, or CSV volumes, so I cannot utilize this.

I am trying to do a old fashioned software raid by mirroring the boot drive.
Sorry, right.
Maybe the command line version will reveal an error message at least? See
Try to shrink the C: volume so that it has at the end about 20-50MB free space. Then try to mirror it.
I assume I can move the user shares and redirection folders over to another volume? I am hesitant to shrink C: for this reason
If you want to do mirror then the shares and folders will be mirrored as well. Do not hesitate to perform small shrink with Windows tools. I have not yet seen it failing.
I know but it will limit space on my C: volume, where the current user shares are located.
50MB? It is very small amount of space.
Oh I see what you were saying. I thought you meant shrink it down until it has 20-50 MB left. Not just off the end amount.
Exactly :) free up about 50mb not GB. So as a result you have your C: drive and free space after it which is 50mb.
And please don't forget to try my advice as well and give feedback on it ;)
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Was absolutely right. Downloaded Sea tools and found that a short test failed on the Boot HDD! (albeit the OS and operation seemed normal) Tried a repair, but froze, and HDD re-generator failed to recover the block(s). Will be sending in warranty replacement.

On the flip side, I bought another same model 1 TB HDD, and proceeded to restore the first time, the Windows Server 2012 bare metal and amazed how easy it was. Glad I pushed backups before mirroring. After getting the OS up, I was able to complete the mirror just fine now. Faster too.

I am just surprised how the mirror will fail, seems touchy.