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Freeware/Shareware tool to recover Outlook Express and convert to PST

I have two Outlook Express mailboxes that I need to recover (OLE will not launch).  Instead of trying to get OLE reparied/open, will just install Outlook.  But I need to recover the mailbox from the OLE and then convert to PST, so that I can import into the newly installed Outlook.

Is there a Shareware tool that can accomplish this?
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Have you tried this?

Also, this program seems to be working but I do not have any experience with it:

Good luck! :)
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Do you know if OLE has to be working properly in order for the KB instructions to work?
I'm sorry but I have not tried that method so I cannot say either way if it is needed or not.
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You can try installing thunderbird and import the OLE's messages.

Your OLE will not launch? What error if any do you get? Might it be prevented from launching by an anti-virus or other application restriction policy?
You can try the following tool to recover your emails in your Outlook Express dbx files:

However, it will generate your emails as individual .eml files, and cannot convert your emails into PST file.
Have not looked at it recently, but outlook if installed, can import the data.
Not sure about the error, I would have to dig that up or post another question.  I don't think it has to do with AV.  OLE was running fine on both computers for a long time.  I reset I.E. and it worked for a day and then went back to not launching.   Just looking to get the emails exported into a .PST file so that I can open them up in OL2010.  Not sure if any of the import via other email programs other than OLE, will work if OLE is not launching?
You can try it.
OL will import as well.
You could during the time following reset, export the emails.
Sorry everyone.  I will be installing OL2010 on to two new computers (clean install) that is why I would like to export them out as a .PST.
Install OL on the system, import the data from OLE and then export.

You need a functional OLE to export.
So if I install OL2003 on the computers with the non-launching OLE, it will not work?  

I was thinking that I could install OL2003 on the old computers, and then open up OL2003 and see if it starts the export process on it's own?
Installing Outlook 2003 will not start any export/import process as far as I know. It might however be enough to fix any problems so that you can use the links I posted.

Good luck!
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