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Getting Client informations in Remotly Citrix Client Connection

How getting Machine name and its Mac address in Remotly Citrix Client Connection
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Since this was posted in an Oracle zone, I assume you want to do this from a remote Oracle database connection.  Not familiar with Citrix but if you can query from it, you can use SYS_CONTEXT to get client connection information.

Don't think you can get MAC address but IP address is doable.

For example to get machine name of the client connection:
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give me the Host name of the Citrix Server that is accessed remotly by Citrix Client,and I want the host name of the Citrix Client that connected remoltly to citrix server.
Unfortunately Oracle only cares about where the client connection comes from.  If that is another remote connection from a 3rd party app, it will be up to that app to log where it comes from.

If the end app is custom code, you can probably add this info and pass it along to Oracle.
I want any third party network commands regardless oracle to get Client informations in Remotly Citrix Client Connection
It is good added to this Citrix Zone, I hope to find Optimal Solution
if you have control over the application
> like if you have the source code and compile it

you could use dbms_application_info to set that information

see these links for more info:
I have full control of my application either accessing remotly or not,But when my application run via citrix client that access the citrix server (i.e my database server in citrix server and my client application in this case is run via citrix client ) then any client info. returned is represent the database Server(Citrix server) info.
for machine name you can get the same in connection center. MAC i don't think so you can get it from client end for a citrix server
Its good if there was a Dos command to get either Host name ,IP Address or MAC Address of  Citrix client when its connected to Citrix server.
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Its good answer to get information  of citrix client session using the following registery entries:-