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Spam filtering issue with exchange

I have one customer who reported today that most emails they receive are going to junk mail in Outlook.

I sent 3 emails from my email and all 3 ended up in thier junk mail with a  X-MS-Exchange-Organization-SCL: 9

All emails going to junk are marked as X-MS-Exchange-Organization-SCL: 9

Here are pretty much 2 identical emails from the same user to my customer. One form Dec 17 with SCL 0 and one from today with scl 9

Content Filtering is disabled as of 6 months ago. My customer is on SBS 2008 with exchange 2007

Any ideas?
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Ok I think the problem is found.

Trend Worry Free Business Security was being use but expired 6 months ago. Somehow it was still scanning emails for spam and giving it a score far to high for most emails.

For now I have disabled the spam filtering and will uninstall when the server is not in production.

Are you sure content filtering is disabled? As that header says otherwise. Unless something else is installed on the server and is marking the messages with the Microsoft headers.

I suppose WFBS marked the message with the Microsoft Header. As soon as you said that a bulb came on and I checked WFSB and spam filtering was enabled. Because I was 100% certain content filtering was disabled on the SBS box. We use a firewall appliance for all filtering which does a very good job.