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Outlook 2010 emails automatically deleted from Inbox

One user is experiencing the issue where emails are automatically deleted and sent to the recoverable items folder witin a few minutes of appearing in the Inbox.

No rules are applying
Windows 7
Outlook 2010
Exchange 2010

A new mailbox has been created and the same problem is happening.

Has anyone seen this before?  Is there any way of preventing it happening?

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Carol Chisholm
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A transport rule on the server?
This behavior is observed when a 3rd party software is involved. Check for any archiving, AV, antispam software that is running on the client machine.
Run "Outlook /safe" or perform a clean boot of the machine
Do they use a smartphone? I have seen issues like this when user use a smart phone and dont see the relationship between the two.

What happens if they ONLY use OWA and have NO outlook clients open anywhere?

Have you done an OUTLOOK.EXE /CLEANRULES ?

That will delete ALL rules, both client and server side for the user.
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I thought it was activesync causing the issue, so I removed any connections.  I also ran OUTLOOK.EXE /CLEANRULES as well as testing in OWA.

In the end I created a new mailbox and the deletions starting kicking in after a few minutes.
Created a NEW MAILBOX? or a new PROFILE?
Is this happening for ALL users that log into this machine?
It was a new mailbox.

I have now disabled POP and IMAP for this account within Exchange and the messages are staying in the Inbox (for the moment!)
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Neil Russell
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What is mailbox type? I guess it is not a Room mailbox.
Nope, it's a user mailbox
Can you compare the calender setting with some other account. I faced same issue some time back and someone by mistake converted it into a room mailbox, later i change it to user mailbox type, however still mails were moving to deleted item, later i compared with another account and found a calendar setting was incorrectly enabled.
"It was a new mailbox."

Can you define New Mailbox?  Have you just created a NEW USER with a NEW Mailbox and had the same results?
Same user account (AD 2008), disconnected and deleted mailbox (archived everything to PST first) and then from within Exchange created a new mailbox for the existing user account.
Sounds like a POP account somewhere. Might the user have connected to POP while on vacation and not understood how it worked?