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Moving Sharepoint WSS3.0 from old domain to new domain

Hello experts!

I have  a virtual machine that was running sharepoint wss3.0 on a win2003 std guest.
This sharepoint site was in a domain that no longer exists  called domain A (so we dont get confused) it had an ip address of

I'm trying to get the sharepoint site to work in a new domain called domain B (hopefully on

I've setup a new domain and installed vmware workstation 9 on a physical win 2008 r2 server.
I've then managed to start the virtual machine on this host.
I can login to the guest using the old domain A username and password.

whats the best procedure to get sharepoint accessible in the new domain B?
and how do i link it to the new AD in Domain B?
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I might have found the answer!

Any tips and hints when performing a sharepoint domain move?
the previous link needs you to setup sharepoint from scratch  and then migrate the data.

Is there a way to do it like move to workgroup, then add to new domain and connect ? or am i dreaming?
I assume everything, including SQL is on this machine?  

You could either create a new farm on a server in the new domain, and migrate your databases over.

Or you could disjoin the current server from the current domain, and add it to the new domain.  This would require that you go in and adjust all your SQL level security and SharePoint service accounts to be accounts in the new domain.  

Either way, lots of work ahead of you.
Yes Everything is on this virtual machine

I've never installed sharepoint and my SQL knowledge is zero.  
The new domain is already setup with all the same usernames as the old domain. so if I get some SQL techie to help then this should be the easiest route?
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Justin Smith
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Thanks ACH1LLES working on that guide right now
I'm at this stage in the above guide

1. stsadm -o updatefarmcredentials -userlogin CONTOSO\ServiceAccount -password NewPassword

I understand that I change CONTOSO\ServiceAcount to MYDOMAIN\MyNewServiceAccount
but what is the password NewPassword refering too?
The password for your service account
aha this worked

stsadm -o updatefarmcredentials -userlogin MYDOMAIN\MyServiceAccount -password MypasswordforMyServiceAccount

but I got this msg

To ensure that all credential caches in IIS have updated, you must run the comma
nd "IISRESET /NOFORCE" on all servers in the farm.  This should be done after all credential updates have been completed.
Operation completed successfully.

looking good?
yes.  So thus far you've changed the server's domain, updated SQL permissions, and updated service accounts in SharePoint?
Yes, but . . . . .

stsadm.exe -o spsearch -farmcontentaccessaccount MYDOMAIN\MyServiceAccount –farmcontentaccesspassword MyServiceAccounPassword

gets a command line error????
Don't worry about that one, you can change it in Central Admin.

skipping step 5.5 and 5.6 as Im using wss3.0

onto Step 6: Confirm Site loads:
I can open the Sharepoint 3.0 central administration webpage no problem


but  when going to http://mysharepoint/

I get

Go back to site  
Error: Access Denied
 Current User  
You are currently signed in as:  MYDOMAIN\administrator  
Sign in as a different user
Request access
if I click sign in as a different user and use MYDOMAIN\MyServiceAccount I can get to the sharepoint site hooraaaahh!!!!1
Step 7: Migrating User Accounts:

Warning: Before you begin ensure that we have migrated all the AD user accounts to the new domain

This cannot be achieved as the old domain and AD is long gone

I have setup all the old domain usernames in the new domain with same passwords and usernames.

will this get me through step 7??
Go ahead with STep 7, it doesn't matter if the old domain is gone.  This command is change account names in the content database, it doesn't even contact the old domain.

If you need to run it for lots of users, this blog can help:

I'm working through the 30 users I need sorting ASAP

There are old users in the old domain and in sharepoint that have left the company.

Do I need to recreate their accounts in the new domain and perform:-

stsadm -o migrateuser -oldlogin DOMAIN\user -newlogin DOMAIN\user -ignoresidhistory

for them to tie in their posts and reports??
If they no longer exist, I wouldn't worry about it.  THe content will still be there.
ok thanks

Just setting up groups in AD and then I'll execute

stsadm –o migrategroup –oldlogin Domain\group –newlogin Domain\group

this is worth more than 500 points !!
LOL, I hope it works out for you.  If you ever need remote support, I'm available for hire.

Follow me on Twitter!  @justinsmith317
all the group i set up in new AD Domain match the ones in Sharepoint but the

stsadm –o migrategroup –oldlogin MyDomain\group –newlogin MyNewDomain\group

gets a command line error
Also is there anything i need to do in central admin to finalise this?
What is the command line error?  This command didn't come around till the August 2009 CU.  Possibly you don't have this installed.  In Central Admin go to Operations - Servers in Farm and tell me the Farm Build Number.

In Central Admin you need to verify all your service accounts and web app pool accounts are running as accounts in the new domain.  This is in Central Admin - Operations - Service Accounts.  You should also go to Central Admin - Operations - Services on Server, click on the Search Service, and assure all is well there.
Farm build number =

In central admin - Operations -service accounts

I have a  dot  in  Windows service. but nothing to pick from in the drop down box

In web application pool  I can select  'windows sharepoint services web application' from the dropdown box

and 'application pool' drop box I can pick sharepoint -80

then select an account
i can access the site from a user on the new domain

the search facility brings up no items for things i know are there

in central admin the Service Account is set to the new account I used in the guide MYDOMAIN\MyNewAccount

in central admin the Content Access Account is set to the new account I used in the guide MYDOMAIN\MyNewAccount

the search database uses windows authentications and the database server and database name look good too

* going back to the group migration error - it doesnt give any error just says Commandline error. then gives every usage of stsadm.exe under the sun!
Leave search to last. Verify that your users can access their stuff first.
they can access everything :)

just no search results
time to head home now as I've been working for 13 hours

Will be back tomorrow  

many thanks for your awesome help ACH1LLES  \o/\O/\o/
Run crawl. Stsadm -o spsearch -action startfullcrawl
Correction:        Stsadm -o spsearch -action fullcrawlstart

Follow me on Twitter!  @justinsmith317
Yeah you are on SP2, which doesn't have the migrategroup command.  You'd need at least the August 09 CU, or you could just deploy SP3.

Follow me on Twitter!  @justinsmith317
many thanks for your excellent knowledge and prompt replies.