DB Mail Configuration Wizard hangs & is not responding

I've installed SQL Server 2008 R2 and applied SP1.
Tried to configure db mail but the Database Mail Configuration Wizard hangs and says "Not Responding".  

No error is thrown on-screen.  

No error in db logs in SQL Server.

Event Viewer on the server has this informational message:
"Login failed for user '<domain\user_id>'.  Reason Failed to open the explicitly specified database. [Client:<my_ip_address_here>]"

The userid given in the message is the one that both the MSSQLSERVER and SQL Server Agent services use.  SQL Server isn't having any other problems so I'm confused as to how there could be a problem with the userid.  Have no idea what "explicitly specified database" means.

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Eric3141Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Found the problem & resolved.

Somehow in Reporting Services Manager on the 014 db server, the location of the ReportServer db was specified to be 044 db server.  Thus the network userid used to run the SQL db services was trying to connect to the ReportServer db on 044 which does not exist because Reporting Services is not installed on that db server.  Thus the "logon failure" errors in Event Viewer on 014.

044 is a test db server.  We've not ever done anything with Reporting Services yet.  Have no idea how I managed to do this but glad I found and corrected the problem.
Eric3141Author Commented:
That error is in the event viewer every 1 minute so may or may not have anything to do with the db mail configuration wizard.
AnujSQL Server DBACommented:
Go to the Login properties of that user, check the default database specified, make sure that the user has access to the DB and the DB exists in the instance.
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Eric3141Author Commented:
Default db = master.  

This userid has sysadmin privileges, and I had already explicitly granted it db_owner on the Master db as well.  

After I had granted sysadmin and db_owner privileges to the user, I disconnected from db instance in SSMS (I had logged on with with another account) and tried to reconnect with the problem user.  I get this error:

Login failed for user'domain\my_user'.  Error 18456.

Log file shows state 38 as well.
AnujSQL Server DBACommented:
State 38 means either the default database is missing or the user is not authorized to connect to the given database. Looks odd, can you confirm you are using correctlogins?
Eric3141Author Commented:
OK, I found out the userid in question is a service account & cannot log into the domain directly.  Thus failed to log into SSMS when I tried.  Howerver, the 2 services that SQL is using are using this userid and users not getting errors and can connect via their applications.  And error I gave you is showing up in the event viewer every 1 minute.

The user already had sysadmin privileges.  I then explicitly granted db_owner on the default db (master) and restarted the services.  Errors persist.  

Our other db server uses the same network service userid and has sysadmin privileges and has no problem.  That db server is SQL 2008 while the problem one is 2008 R2 SP1.

AnujSQL Server DBACommented:
Its recommended to use a domain account for running Services, can you try using this?
Eric3141Author Commented:
I put my network userid as the logon for the service and the errors in event viewer went away.  Put the non-domain userid back and they returned.

This was not a problem on SQL 2008 on our stand alone box.  
New server (that I'm having this trouble with) is virtual and SQL 2008 R2.

Our network god is not going to want to approve the user of a domain account for a service as we've never done that here.  

Can you point me to documentation that says a regular domain account should be used?

Ideas on why this was not a problem with SQL 2008?

** Any idea the impact this will have if I don't change it?  Our webapp can connect to the database and I can log onto the db instance in SSMS.  Network god will ask me the impact (other than these entries in event viewer) if we don't change it.
Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:
Try using the sa credentials.
Eric3141Author Commented:
Hey guys, I would award you credit for helping but I want to add this solution to the knowledge base in case it helps others who have a similar problem.  So I had to specify my solution as the only one.

Thx again a bunch for helping.
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