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HP Recovery onto the second hard drive?


I've got an HP Z420 with Windows 7 installed on the first drive (1 TB 7200rpm). But there's also an 256 SSD. I'd like to have the OS on that one. But the Recovery Disks will automatically restore the OS on the HD. And when I try to boot from a Windows 7 CD then I get asked for some DVD driver that I don't have (or at least weren't on a CD > maybe I need to simply download that driver from the HP site?).

Any recommendations or ideas?

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Any Recovery DVD's I have used will only recover to the C: Drive and that is programmed in. So you cannot restore to other than the C: Drive.

Also, don't forget this installation is OEM, so you cannot have two installs of it anyway.

You have to pick which media you want for Windows 7, make it current as Drive C: and restore to it. Then use a new Windows 7 license to install on your other drive.

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I've got another Win7 licence, that's not the problem. But how would I get Win7 on the SSD? When I boot from the Win7 DVD it asks me for some DVD driver that I don't have ... and that I can't find on the HP site either.
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hmm I would unplug the HDD power so the Windows 7 DVD would only see the SSD drive. Or change the drive letter of the HDD to something else rather than C.

This is just a work around. and use it only if you're intending to install windows from scratch not if you already have it installed.
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Do you have access to another computer ?

you should take your hard drive out , add it to another computer as an external drive
then format it and install windows on it .
by this way the driver error won't come up.

Good Luck
In the HP BIOS, try setting AHCI to Compatability Mode. Windows 7 is SATA ready and presumably the SSD is SATA, but sometimes AHCI needs to be changed to permit an install. You do have the SSD as Drive C: - is that correct?

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Ok, let me describe the problem again:

I boot from a new Win7 DVD.
I come to the language selection screen.
I make my choices and click next.
The screen briefly says something like 'starting Windows setup' but then there's the window 'Install Windows: select the driver to be installed' with an error message: Load driver - a required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing' If you have a floppy, usb, etc please insert it now.

But where do I get this device driver from!? Can't find it on the HP site.

Thank you.
Think_pad: I want to do a clean install onto the SSD drive. By default the OS has been on the HD, with the SSD as a secondary drive.

Do I need to change the disk order? Right now the HD seems to be connected as drive 1 and the SSD as drive 2. Or doesn't that matter?
It seems that Windows can't recognize your CD/DVD! in the BIOS make sure that you can see your DVD ROM shows there.

If not, I would double check if the DVD power/data cables are properly connected. or simply plug a USB DVD for the installation.

Usually Windows supports all DVDs and there's no need for drivers for DVDs.
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D'oh, yes, that was it! ;)
I faced this problem sevral times before and I tried diffrent ways .
the only way worked for me is connect SSD to a computer already running windows,
1- format the SSD
2-restart your computer
3-Enter the Bios setting
4- make your SSD as first boot drive
5- insert Win installation CD in CDRom and follow the installation process
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@Xeronimo -  Thanks. I was happy to help and glad you got the recovery working.

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